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Spelling for a natural speller?


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DS has completed AAS through level 4 and while he enjoys it, it's feeling like a bit much for next year. He spells well, always has and AAS seems like overkill at this point. We tried Spelling Workout last year, but neither of us cared for it. 


I downloaded the samples of levels 5-7 of AAS and, from what I can tell, he can currently spell the words in those books as well. He's the type of kid that can see a word once and spell it correctly from then on. Or hear a rule once and correctly apply it going forward. 


Should I switch to vocabulary work with him at this point? 

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Thank you!! We have both enjoyed AAS, but I am looking forward to getting that time and not spending the extra $$ next year. 


Now to find a good vocab program!


Not to discourage you from spending money on a vocab program, but my anecdotal experience is that there's a link between my kids who pick up spelling naturally and those who pick up vocabulary naturally...

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Have you tried "Spelling Power"?  It's recommended in WTM, but unlike SW, you don't have to buy new books every year.  You use the same one every time.  If you want to at least have a book around for occasional review, maybe it's worth a look. 


We've used SW for years now and are happy with it.  We don't do all the exercises though.   What's most useful are the proofreading marks and exercises.  My son loves those.   I often make up sentences or whole paragraphs for him to proofread.   I also like the reading paragraphs.


Spelling has ALWAYS felt like overkill to me.  Kids pick up spelling naturally when they read a lot.  So we prioritize other subjects.  Spelling is done only a few times a week.  My advice is make it a lower priority, but don't completely drop it. Focus on what you find most useful.

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