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Minimum to be covered in biology?

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Oldest son has ASD. He hates biology. He is the child of mine who does not usually give me grief on school work. However, here we are, end of the year, and he is barely getting through. I mean, he is on chapter 8 or 9 of the Miller Levine Dragonfly book. He has not made much effort as he hates it. 


In his case, he does have ASD so there are limits to how much I can force when he is this determined. However, I would like to push it to cover at least a decent minimum. He has already put his foot down and said he will not work on it again until his outsourced class is done, which is in two weeks. 


He is actually very smart and good at remembering things. As a 10th grader next year, he will be doing pre-calculus. He has already completed his foreign language requirement. You get the idea.


So now that biology is being pushed in to the summer and I am getting this much grief, what would be the minimum you would recommend requiring him to do?

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Biology books are often designed to be used for more than one course - one book that I taught from specifically stated that in the introduction. Check your state standards, or consider what you've done in the biological science in the past. At our co-op, I teach the first 5 units (18 chapters). Many of the students take a 'life science with dissection' class in middle school, so they've had the 'intro to organisms' material already, and everything required in our state standards is in those chapters. For the online class that I teach, I'll be adding an additional optional unit because CA standards have a requirement for one extra section.

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Minimum (IMO) to be covered in the dragonfly book:


Ch 2  The chemistry of life

Ch 7  Cell structure and function

Ch 8  Photosynthesis*

Ch 9  Cellular respiration*

Ch 10  Cell growth and division

Ch 11  Intro to genetics

Ch 12  DNA and RNA

Ch 14  The human genome

Ch 15  Darwin's theory of evolution

Ch 16  Evolution of populations

Ch 17  The history of life


*Photosynthesis and respiration are deadly dull (IMO) so I'm not surprised that he's cranky.

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