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Advice please for math (7th grade and 5th)

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Planning math next year is really stressing me out. Can you share some words of wisdom with me please?


My oldest son will be 12 and starting 7th grade. So far for math he has completed RightStart Levels B-E and started RS Geometry but he was being really slow with it and started doing Kahn Academy. Kahn Academy seems to bounce all around to me and he seemed to be getting nowhere. So... I decided to switch him to Math Mammoth 6 planning to get him ready for WTMA AOPS Pre-algebra which I really like but I'm now worried he won't do well in it. I know it's a challenging program and he's been moving so slowly in MM but I plan to increase his daily math time to an hour and will work through the summer. Would it be foolish for him to try AOPS Pre-A? Is there another program that you think may work better?


My almost 10yo son (5th next year) is an easier one. He'll finish RS E this year (or summer) and then I was thinking about moving him to MM 5 or maybe BA 5. Is that an awkward place to start BA? I'd do MM6 to follow MM5  but I'm not sure what I would do to follow BA 5.


Would greatly appreciate any thoughts you have. My head is swimming trying to figure out math!




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I had my older son do the AOPS Pre-algebra placement test and he passed before he started MM6. We even tried a bit of it, but it seemed to be too much for him which is why I settled on MM6 instead. Maybe we should just try it again at home. I'd love to have him take a WTMA class or something similar but since he goes so very slowly through everything, I'm not sure he could keep up. Maybe it would force to?



We have the 3rd grade books for BA which my boys have read through but not worked their way through the practice books. I had forgotten about the Are You Ready tests? I'll have my younger son do those. Thanks for the reminder.

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I would not enroll a child that moves very slowly through math in an AoPS Pre-Algebra on-line class.  If he needed more time he would not get it.  AoPS is very challenging and is a "thinking" math.  Many problems take a LOT of time to think through.  On-line classes mean the child is at the mercy of the class pace, not necessarily the best pace for that child.  Sometimes the two are the same.  Sometimes they are not.  If you like AoPS Pre-Algebra maybe do more of a self-paced thing.  There are videos you could use.  Like these: 


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