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What to do for literature in 5th & 6th - just finished Lightning Lit 3


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Any suggestions?


I'm so bummed Lightning Lit's next in the grammar series is not completed. We really liked Lightning Lit 2nd (used 2nd/3rd) & 3rd (used for 4th-5th). But now we're done. And LL7 we'll wait until 7th as it is more appropriate for a 7th grader from our experience with older siblings.


So what do I do now? What are some good literature suggestions?


I like having him read various books - and have questions/answers to ask of him.


I'm thinking for this year, to complete 5th, and next year 6th.



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I still love the Classical House of Learning Literature guides from the website. It is no longer active, but I just checked and the files are still there for the logic stage lesson plans she had completed. I have done both the ancients and middle ages in the past and am repeating them this year with my next student. They are very well done and follow WTM suggestions. 

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If you want a curriculum to go with your own literature choices, you might consider Beyond the Book Report. 




My ds' co-op composition class used Season 3 this year, but I like the looks of Season 1 and 2 as well. It's all about writing about literature, but they are learning literary elements and figurative language along the way. 


Season 1 has them read three books. The writing assignments include paraphrasing a favorite scene, writing a plot summary, completing a literary terms worksheet, creating study questions or a crossword puzzle, creating a pamphlet of major literary elements, writing news articles on favorite scenes in the book (including writing from two different biases). 


Season 2 has them read two books in addition to A Midsummer Night's Dream. The assignments include a figurative language activity, a game, a poetry final test, write four types of poems based on literary elements of a book, write paraphrases and prose of some scenes from Midsummer Night's Dream, and write a dramatized version of a favorite chapter or scene in a book. 



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