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DS wants to study wars


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Today my ds9/almost 10 asked to study wars. Honestly, the thought doesn't really thril me. BUT, this is the first time that he's ever ASKED to study something and so much seems difficult right now that I want to say "yes" if I can.


We are currently studying ancient Egypt-are there any resources (preferably online since we live overseas and can't get things easily) for wars during that time frame?

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If you have a DK book or an ebook version of a DK book, you can read through it looking for all the weapons, all the transportation, all the battles, etc. For Egypt, though assuredly there were quite a few, there are really only a few people really talk about. 


There's also a Teaching Company/Great Courses on the history of egypt. I haven't used it with my ds, but he likes some other ones. You really never know with kids. Like just try some things and see what happens. Sometimes audible will have them on the cheap.


Anyways, for my ds it could be battles, sure, but also the weapons, the armour, the rabbit trails. You can chain things a bit. Like ok, while they were on the battlefield, what did they EAT. Map where they were going, etc. It's very WEM in that sense. Some kids just do better with that more inter-connected learning. 


If you have SOTW1, you can look through the table of contents and pull all the chapters that are on Egypt. Or if you have the VP cards you can pull them. Fwiw, my ds also really got into the mummies and pyramids. We have chicken legs mummifying, hehe. There's also stuff you can find on how to make weapons and whatnot with duct tape. I have a bunch of older activity books, so we've just been pulling things. However I know there was an ebook of duct tape egyptian stuff. 


I've got some books from a series of hands-on. Don't know if they're available as ebooks. In other words, you're not going to get a TON of detail on the battle of the Hyksos, but you are able to dig in on making a chariot, making the crowns, etc. So it's really just how good his fine motor is and how into it he is. And then you're taking someone who maybe has narrower interests and you're broadening him a bit. Like if he spends a month making a really nice chariot and he discovers he likes woodworking, that's not all bad, kwim?

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You could consider doing a unit on famous battles.  When I was in the army, the new students used to do that project, they were assigned an important historical battle and had to present it to the group.  The emphasis there was on tactics and visual representations, but you could also look at equipment the political background, and so on.  Picking a few from different historical eras, different terrains, and such, can be really interesting.

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