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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Good morning!  I have to say I am so enjoying our warm weather this week!  I don't even know what is going on in the rest of the country/world!  It is like spring here!


To do:

Work on my Latin homework/study for exam

Clean kitchen


Must call trash co to ask why they didn't leave a new recycling bin like they said they would!

Watch 1/2 of video on G K. Chesterton w/teens

15 yo has math homework

Mass at noon

Lunch out?  Maybe - we are giving up eating out for Lent

15 yo to math tutor - more Latin studying for me (plus need to pick up sympathy card, pet food, parmesan)

home again

dinner is fettuccine alfredo which we didn't have last night b/c no parmesan!

Going out to a meeting of new environmental group - showing a movie on plastic bags




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Friday! We had thunderstorms and hail overnight. One of my dogs is terrified of storms, so I spent the night with a 100# lab/german shepherd mix sharing my pillow while I tried to comfort him. Poor baby! Now the temp has dropped and we're expecting snow.


•feed birds

•feed dogs, cats, and horses

•drop car off for oil change and brakes


•housework (mop tile floors, bathrooms, kitchen)

•office work (filing, making a few payments)

•hay delivery

•dinner=sour cream enchiladas


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Last day to get some work out before people get mad.  :P


I'm behind where I want to be, but still hopeful of getting ahead before the next big huge deadline hits.


Went back to bed after sending the kids off to school.  Ignored my alarm clock and slept until 11am.  Got reamed by partner-boss.  :/


Tonight the kids will be dropped off after the school bowling league by a friend.  Later we'll go out to dinner and watch our weekly shows.

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Friday has been about as tackled as it's going to get around here this week. 


My weekend from work is Friday-Saturday. However, my husband has his role-playing game buddies over most Friday afternoons/evenings. This means that Friday has become the day on which I clean the house before company arrives. So, after my usual every-morning routine of walking with the dog, cleaning the cats' litter box, feeding all three animals and clearing the decks in the kitchen (My son has a habit of making himself a "snack" in the middle of the night.), I cleaned the bathroom, swept the living room, kitchen and hallway and dusted in the living room. 


I have been in desperate need of some new clothes for work. So, I hit a few stores at our local shopping center. After more than two hours, I managed to walk away with three tops and a pair of pants, all of which were more expensive than I would have hoped.


Next was the pet store for dog food, cat food and cat treats.


Then Target for the "real" shopping, groceries and cleaning supplies.


After I got home and had the assorted acquisitions unloaded and stashed, I made a vat of seasoned black beans and some Mexican-ish rice to fill out the taco bar my husband prepped to feed his guests. 


At some point this weekend, I need to finish up the last two lessons in my online continuing education class and start studying for the final exam. But it may not happen today.

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