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How do I understand this interviewer?


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While 2017 acceptance announcements are keep coming from all over the place, my DS is still going thru interviewing procedure. :crying:  Couple days ago, DS got an email from an alumnus from one of selective colleges he applied to. 


Nice and polite introduction. And the interviewer gave couple choices for a meeting.


  1. His apartment on weekend  :huh:  or
  2. His office on weekend  :confused1:
  3. Cafe

DS picked option 3, of course. But has anyone have an experience like this? So far DS did 10 interviews, but nothing like this.

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1) The apartment complex that we stayed in has meeting/conference rooms that renters could use for a private meeting. So while the interviewer's apartment would be kind of weird, a meeting room in an apartment complex would be kind of normal.


Also my kids go to their music instructors' homes for lessons. My kid's former music teacher works as an engineer and teach from home on weekends. (ETA: their music teachers have Facebook pages, my kids Chinese tutor also teach from home)


2) depends on the office. Insurance, mortgage, tech office where people tend to drop in on weekends doesn't feel as scary. My husband sometimes forget to bring something home so we drop by his office on a weekend. Security personnel are around.

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That is why I wanted to ask you guys. Am I overreacting? To tell the truth, I was thrown off by the suggestion of someones apartment for an interview to begin with.  I understand the alumni are not getting paid when they interview their college applicants and I do appreciate their endeavor. However, I don't know who he is other than the fact that he graduated the college that my DS is interested in. 


I wasn't sure about sending my DS to someone's office on weekend, especially when I don't know the environment-would it be totally empty? Will there be other people? And it is something got to do with the fact that my DS is very naive, so even if there is a red flag, he wouldn't know. (Is it because he was homeschooled? But that is another story...)


I always say better safe than sorry.  Once again, am I overreacting?

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My son has done several interviews this year. Most were done at a coffee shop. Some were at an office, but that was for congressional nominations with a board.


I am an interviewer. My school likes us to offer to go to the interviewee's house, in part to show a video and answer parent questions. I always offer that, but usually end up meeting at a coffee shop or court.


I've also used library study rooms when that was an option.


For everyone's safety and comfort I never meet alone with a student. Either parents are in the next room, or we are in a public location.


I know I'm in the past some of the interviewers for my school woul say they did interviews one Saturday a week at their home. Alumni often have stuff from the school around that they can show off, and it would help them block out one day a month for interviews. But even then, the expectation with my school is that about 30 will be answering general questions in a meeting where parents are welcome.


I don't think the options were meant as creepy. Interviewers can be naive too. Just pick the option she likes and go have a great interview.

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