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  1. Your kids are in 8th grade then? Firstly, I think both actives counted as volunteering. If they continue with dram or/ and music in high school, maybe you can put those twp experiences under extracurricular. I didn't count any volunteering or extracurricular that DC did before 9th grade on their transcript or resume, unless that is an academic course that deserves a high school credit.
  2. DS took chemistry and physics same day. Like regentrude said, you cannot take an hour break in between the tests. It has to be back to back. There is no order assigned for SAT subjects since they will give you the whole booklet. So you can take up to any tests in any order you want on that day.
  3. Same here. Steaks are on the grill. :drool:
  4. DS said he was bored while taking AP English Lang yesterday. I don't know whether it is a good sign. :laugh:
  5. It is funny. DS #4 read me Rikki Tikki Tavi, I don't know, 10 times only today? While I was washing dishes after lunch, while I was making dinner, while I was in the bathroom. You name it. What is this obsession between boys and snakes, and oh, other deadly stuffs? Good thing our Petsmart is next to grocery shop. When kids beg to go in there, I say "ice cream will melt if we don't go home now". Snakes or ice cream? Hmmmm.
  6. My DS #1 took two AP tests this week and will take the last one next week. At this moment I feel more emotional than worried about his score. It was DS who wanted to take more AP's as a senior even though we all knew that these won't effect his admission to the college- as long as he doesn't mess them up. Who knew I'd be emotionally attached to AP tests? :closedeyes: I still remember his very first AP test day. How nervous we were. How I walked him to the office of local HS. How I anxiously waited his call asking me to pick him up from school. At this point, anything we've done routinely brings back too much memories.
  7. DS #2 is planning to take AP Latin test in May 2018. I know Lukeon AP Latin class is full now and not planning to use Lone Pine again (negative experiences last couple years). Any advice for WHA AP Latin class with Joanna Hensley? Are there any alternatives?
  8. According to DS, AP Physics C at PAH provided him enough practice.
  9. I'd have DD call Duke and affirm that it is her first choice school. Then explain about the scholarship. Last year, my friend was able to knock down significant amount of her DS's first choice school tuition after talking to financial aid office. All these selective schools have wiggle room when it comes to $$. What about you go to Blue Devil Days and talk to financial aid in person?
  10. I understand that coed and mixed-gender can be arranged in different ways. Will boys and girls share a room? Same room? Even a bathroom?
  11. DS is signing up for admitted student day. What is mixed-gender suites anyway? Coed dorms?
  12. This is a nice surprise for me. I've always had feeling that Yale is one of those not-so-homeschooler-friendly schools. Way to go!
  13. This is not exactly my kinds of music, but still :lol: . Thank you for sharing!
  14. I don't know about my DS. He is a very steady guy. Even- tempered and hardly insists his way. He can be predictable yet sometimes hard to read. Even for him, April might be bit tough. Decisions to be made, colleges to revisit, tests to be prepare. He still has three more AP tests in May. On the other hand, I am totally exhausted. I try to drag myself into planning summer or next year for the rest of DC, but it is not easy to focus. I need a vacation. Relaxing on the beach will do me good.
  15. That is not right. Some people just don't think, do they? :grouphug: to your DS.
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