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I'm still needed.

Night Elf

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My mom is the last person I want when sick. She doesn't do sick well. I have no memories of her really caring for me when sick. I do have memories of feeling like an inconvenience. When my sister was hospitalized after a car accident my mom took off work to stay with her. My sister, in college at the time, said it was awful. If any procedure caused discomfort or pain (catheterization, resetting/pushing broken bone into place) mom would get disgusted if my sister cried. I went to a prenatal appointment with my oldest and was told I needed further testing at the hospital. They told me not to drive so my mom who lives nearby came and drove me. As soon as I could I called dh and asked him to find his way to the hospital and get my mom out of there. He had no car, but a co-worker volunteered to drive him.


Anyway, my mom is just not good at the nurturing sick thing.


I've tried to be better.

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My dd24 is having a dental problem and she wants me to go with her to the dentist today. She just wants her mom with her. Poor thing. I wish I could wave a mommy magic wand and make the pain go away.


Aw, good luck to your dd.  That's sweet that she wants you there.  It's hard for us moms to see our babies scared or in pain.  


I don't want my own mom for anything.  She's a narcissist and we've been estranged for many years.  

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