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The Official 2017 6th Grade Planning Thread

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I posted ours on K-8 Board as well.... but I'll post here too for Logic Board.



Next year I won't be teaching at co-op and the kids have asked for a break anyways to get back to "home" schooling. I still might try teaching a few classes, but at home, for science and writing/literature. We'll see.


Here is what ds and I have been thinking about for 6th grade:

btw, this is my kid who doesn't want to grow up and just loves being a kid...... he's not wanting to be a middle schooler so we are going to ease into this stage. I'm letting him call the shots with some subjects!


Math: CLE 5/6


Spelling: AAS (I may create a student book for him to work independently or use Phonetic Zoo on my shelf)


Writing: IEWs new World History Theme book(coming out in summer) with Bravewriter sprinkled in..... he is enjoying our Bravewriter Co-op class this year!


Taking a grammar break for sixth grade. He has completed FLL 1-4 and is almost through Jr. AG...... We'll just discuss grammar through writing. He has earned it!


History: Oak Meadow 7th grade World History..... folding in Project Passport with a quick unit on Greece/Rome at his request.


Literature: OM lit list......replacing some with what we have already..... finding BW Arrow or Boom guides for the ones he picks.

Summer of the Monkeys

Shakespeare Play ?

Biography of Charles Dickens; Oliver Twist or A Christmas Carol


Amelia Earhart

Mama's Bank Account

Journey to America

Helen Keller

Goodbye, Vietnam

Zlata's Diary

A Single Shard

Throw in short stories and Poetry


Science: It's going to be hard to top Elements and Carbon Chemistry that I am teaching at co-op this year. Ds has loved it!

He decided on OM 5th grade Science...... he wanted a more general science for 6th. OM will include Environmental, Life, & Physical. We'll throw in Ellen McHenry where we can!


Spanish: our wonderful Tudor


Fallacy Detective, continue Art, Guitar, Krav Maga/Fight Club, Typing

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Ok. I'm still in planning stages but I'll jump in:


Bible: CAP New Testament 2


Logic: Thinking Toolbox and maybe some books from mindware. My dd loves logic workbooks.


Poetry: I want to try the one from CAP I think


Vocabulary: word roots from critical thinking press (maybe)


Lit: Lightning Literature with tons of other books


Spelling: AAS 5 and probably 6


Grammar: I want the new program from Well-Trained Mind!! I can't find a middle school grammar I like.


Writing: WWS 1


Math: RS F It comes out this year! Yay! And finish RS G (yes, I'm a little out of order on my math stuff)


Science: BJU 6 streaming (and maybe read Tiners astronomy because my dd loves astronomy)


History: No Clue!!! Tempted to use something from master books. Maybe with lots of book choices from ToG


Latin: CAP L4C B


Spanish: Galore Park 2


Piano lessons and swim team and AHG and awana and golf


And I so wish I could add art! I looked at creating a masterpiece and it looked so fun! Sigh. But I don't get to art very often.

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Math: finish AOPS Pre-Algebra; possibly start algebra


Language arts:  Typing.com, cursive copywork (2-3x/week), Puzzle Hunts for Reading Comprehension (1x/week), otherwise undecided.  Considering:

Finish Wordsmith Apprentice OR start WWS1?

Paragraph Town [The teacher’s manual (the only volume I have) as a read aloud] OR Advance Language Lessons?  

Editor in Chief?



When the Sea Turned to Silver (Grace Lin)

A Single Shard (Linda Sue Park)

Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night (Joyce Sidman)

The World Before This One (Rafe Martin)

Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault (Charles Perrault and Walter Crane)

The Jesse Tree (Geraldine McCaughrean)

Tales from Grimm (Wanda Gag)

Popol Vuh: A Sacred Book of the Maya (Victor Montejo)

The Secret of the Andes (Ann Nolan Clark)

The Faerie Queene (Edmund Spenser/Ben Shealy)

Shakespeare’s Storybook: Folk Tales that Inspired the Bard (Patrick Ryan)

Shakespeare: The Animated Tales [DVD]

Blood on the River: James Town 1607 (Elisa Carbone)

I, Juan de Pareja (Elizabeth Bornton De Trevino) 

Pictorial Pilgrim’s Progress (John Bunyan and Joanne Brubaker)

Witch of Blackbird Pond (Elizabeth George Speare)


History: various resources

1st quarter: Medieval Asia and Africa

2nd quarter: Pre-Columbian Americas

3rd-4th quarters: Age of European Exploration 


Science: Cells; Eureka Physics/Manga Guide to Physics; possibly a microscope unit


Health and Safety: Smokey’s Wildfire Prevention Detectives; It’s Perfectly Normal


Logic: Orbiting with Logic; possibly Critical Thinking book 1


Latin: Latin Prep 1B


Greek: continue Elementary Greek book 1


Art: Complete-A-Sketch: Isometric; possibly some outsourced classes; art history/appreciation included in history


Music: piano; possibly band; include music history/appreciation in history?


P.E.: gym class or sports and fitness activities

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