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  1. Ambleside Online!!! I was looking for the same thing myself, having felt like I tried a lot of All-in-One types, and never finding a good fit for my family. It's frustrating to try to fit my kids into someone else's idea of what school should look like. Finally finding AO and taking the time to understand how it's set up helped me to find an amazing (free, or mostly free) curriculum I can tailor to what we want and need. Give it a look....hope you find what you're looking for! :)
  2. They are supposed to take a year each, but could go faster depending on your student. Yes, both are prealgebra.
  3. I used CLE 7 & 8 with my oldest, and it was solid, but took him forever. For my younger ones, we're using Principles of Mathematics, Book 1 & 2. Very solid, and prepares kids very well to jump into an Algebra 1 text like Jacob's or Foerster. We are finding the lessons very manageable, and even enjoyable! ;)
  4. I came across an old Sonlight IG for (from 2010 I believe...) that correlates the chapters from SOTW 3, George Washington's World and Abraham Lincoln's World. (SL has since dropped the Foster books from those cores.) I think it skips over the repetitive sections in the Foster books, but includes all of SOTW, which is what I was after.
  5. Does anyone know if there exists a schedule for combining SOTW 3 with the Genevieve Foster books (particularly George Washington's World, and Abraham Lincoln's World as they cover the same time period as SOTW 3)? I'd like to include American History studies in with our SOTW 3 and 4 over this year and next. Does anyone know if there is a schedule for these resources, or know of any other books to use along with SOTW 3 for a good American History coverage? I've also wondered about All American History....thoughts on that resource? We'd love to just add something on to SOTW 3 as our
  6. TG&TB have samples on their website for the new high school language level. I can't speak to whether it's enough for your student, but it looks like a great fit for my rising 9th grader for next year. I preordered and am looking forward to its arrival when it's released June 18th. Best wishes! :)
  7. I'd love to hear some thoughts on teaching history. A little background.....we've been using HOD for a number of years with one year of Sonlight, and one year of MFW in there (a long time ago), but mostly HOD over the last 10 years. We're graduating our oldest this year, and next year I'll have kids in 11th, 9th, 7th, and 5th grades. My 11th grader is already set to use Notgrass Exploring America (per his request). For the rest, I'm feeling a bit of a pull to do something else (instead of HOD) for history. In a way I'm nervous to go with something different, but I know we need to do someth
  8. Last year we made the switch from CLE to MUS. It was a great decision, and I'm so happy with how it's going. The main deciding factor for us was that my kids just needed a little more time spent with the topics to really cement them in their minds before learning a new topic. MUS allowed them to learn (& really understand) concepts well. They still incorporate review and practice, but it's much easier to customize how much time you spend learning each concept. There's a lot more to MUS than meets the eye. It builds a very solid foundation, and prepares kids well for upper level math.
  9. I'm considering using the Constitutional Literacy course by Apologia (5 dvd series w/ accompanying workbook) for my 11th grader next year. Is this enough to qualify as a half credit government course, or would I need to add something to it? In my research, I've read some conflicting opinions on it, and thought I'd ask here. I also own A Noble Experiment (another dvd & workbook gov course), as well as Whatever Happened to Justice, which I used for my oldest child's government course last year. It was *okay* and got the job done, but for my next student I'm looking at other options.
  10. Now, how did I not see that! Lol! :) And you're very right, as I've seen some of those titles on high school lists as well. Thanks, Zoo Keeper! ;)
  11. I actually have The Power in Your Hands, as it was given to me, but haven't taken a closer look at it yet. I'm going to check out the others you recommended, too. Thanks! :D
  12. This is great! I find it interesting that CAP's W&R is one you linked. We've really enjoyed that program here, but I guess I didn't think it was ok to use at the (early) high school level. My dd will be thrilled, as she really likes W&R. Thanks, Lori! ;)
  13. I really, really hesitate to even say, as I've seen this program get slammed time after time.....not rigorous, bad reputation amongst those who abused the system using it, the list goes on and on.... But, desperate times cause you to look beyond everything you've tried in the past, and venture into new territory. I started out researching for just science, but then expanded that to english and spelling/vocab. I'm not a science person, so something streamlined was definitely in order to help my kids get some science learning that *can* get done. We started using ACE.....now I'm ducking for c
  14. Thanks so much ladies! :) I really appreciate your replies. Thanks Lori for sharing your experience in using it with your son. That's really helpful to me. ;) I'm relieved, as I was thinking it would be a great fit for her, and didn't want to go back to the drawing board. Lol! ;) This year for writing, she's finishing up IEW-SWI B. Can you recommend a writing program that might pair well with LL8? She writes a fair amount for history, so I want to keep the writing load manageable as she transitions to high school. Thanks so much! :D
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