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Repository of UC and a-g discussion threads (2016-18)

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Bookmarking UC applications resources first:


The a-g Doorways site - to search for a-g compliant providers


UC subject requirements


Admission by examination


Freshman admissions


Homeschool applicants


Please consider filling in a pretend application a year before (released on August 1 every year)


Guidance counselor resources


Sign up to receive counselors bulletins/ newsletters!



Thought I would collect all the recent UC and a-g requirements threads in one place too. Please note that UC links/ web pages do change regularly. If links are broken please PM me and I will fix them asap!


If I missed a thread please let me know too!


I'm not sure if mods will allow this to be pinned (perhaps we CAs are only a small number here?) Anyone knows?


Answer from UCs regarding the drop-down boxes (March 2018)


CAHSEE (this thread is referring to the CHSPE and UC application confusion for a-g approved classes, not the CAHSEE exam that was discontinued) (March 2018)


UC A-G online publisher courses...do these count for ind PSA homeschoolers? (Jan 2017)


Can we talk about jumping through hoops vs. CC? (UC related) (Jan 2017)


The UC Application is In! (Nov 2016)


Laura in CA and others re: UC acceptance... (Sept 2016)


If you plan to apply to UC schools, list your courses here (another a-g thread) (Sept 2016)


Another Look at A-G for those of you looking at UC's (Sept 2016)


High School Transcript for University of CA schools (Aug 2016)


PSA: self report geometry for UC (Mar 2016)


Why so few UC discussions? (Feb 2016)





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I think this application cycle was the first time Berkeley notified a select number of applicants early even without extending the Regents scholarships invite. In the past, only those shortlisted for Regents were notified in mid Feb while others had to wait till 2nd-4th week of March.




The Ask Ms Sun Blog is a good place to gather more snippets as is College Confidential (UCB, UCLA).



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My grapevine has informed me that this year, at least 3 freshman homeschooled applicants were accepted early to UCB and extended the invitation to interview for the Regents' and Chancellor's scholarships. Two are on these boards. :001_wub:

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