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Hi all,

I've got a 10th grader who will have completed 2 years of a foreign language by end of May.  We are having trouble finding a 3rd year course in that language.


We are considering switching  his 11th grade year to do 2 more years of a different foreign language, thereby having 2 languages of two years each.


What are your thoughts regarding the way this 'looks' to universities?  (2 languages of only 2 yrs each)  As opposed to one language for more than two years??





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He was taking a class in our community-- Spanish.


I know there are Spanish courses higher than level II online, but none we've seen have  appealed.  So we were considering switching to French for 11th and 12th grade.


(not sure what university based high schools are out there--- so I may be missing an entire market!)



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If he's not looking at selective universities or selective programs, 2 years each of 2 languages will be just fine. 


My oldest did 2 years of high school French, and then 2 years of DE university French starting from the beginning. Youngest is in the midst of doing the same. So the transcript reads: French 1, French 2, DE French 1001, DE French 1002, DE French 2001, DE French 2002. 


We did it this way because the high school courses were self-study. The university courses had much more conversation, and the progression was also slightly different. Lots of people on this board advised us that it would not be a problem, and it wasn't. With four semesters of DE, she still had four years of the same language (and a very solid base, lol). 


No one asked about it (the repeating of first level French, but she did not apply to ultra selective schools. She did apply and get admitted to more selective schools, and selective honors programs. 

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I also meant to say that I think four years of one language will tend to be more useful in real life, but he could still do that in college. 


Another positive is that four semesters of DE in one language gets you mighty close to a minor, and is a great head start on a major. A foreign language makes for a great minor or second major. 

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