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  1. Thank you to both of you! I love all of these ideas.
  2. I am doing something special for my niece and nephew--- and I promised something before I really looked into whether or not it was possible. In a nutshell, I am doing a 'distance education Hogwarts' experience for them. One of the classes my nephew wants to take is Potions. In my class description I put that, as a final project, the student would be creating his own Marauder's Map. I have scoured the internet, and found some printable/put it together yourself maps. I found one that uses make your own invisible ink: then draw your own map out of it. I'd like to somehow combine those two ideas, but I am coming up with nothing. Anyone have a good idea I could use for a 'make your own Marauder's Map? TIA!
  3. Once he feels up to it, maybe see if he's willing to see a pelvic floor physical therapist for an assessment?
  4. Have any dr.s mentioned this: (just a thought) http://www.malepelvicfloor.com/cpps.html
  5. We are considering a move to the Philadelphia area. I'm wondering if anyone who lives in that general area --or has lived there--can give me some idea of what the area is like, the people, activities, weather etc. etc... We're in the gathering info./research phase. TIA!
  6. I am so sorry. I will hold her up in thought and prayer.
  7. My family has been watching with interest--- watched the debate last night (not live). My husband is British, and my in laws were just here visiting. So, there's been a lot of talk about what is going on!
  8. Urogynecologist can diagnosis. Pelvic physical therapist could be the key to helping you.
  9. Thanks. If someone has a teacher they recommend for this class, I'd appreciate names! Also, yes... secular. Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, I'm debating between Blue Tent online (Brigid Thompson) and PA Homeschoolers (Maya Inspektor) for my son's AP Eng Lang & Comp class. Anyone care to share their good/bad experience with either of these? TIA Laura
  11. My dd participated in a social skills group (with other teen girls) for about a year. She liked going and playing the games etc.. But nothing she 'learned' there ever transferred to real life. We stopped going because it was a lot of money and no real benefit. (although she did enjoy it while she was there!)
  12. I'm sorry... this response just made me chuckle :001_smile: -- . I can't believe there is arguing over what cold really means. I hear you...
  13. We started focusing on my 22 yr old's 'speciality' (which is theatre) when he was in 9th grade. It was then that we could see he clearly wanted to pursue something in the theatre, and while we did all the basics-- he also spent a lot of time working in a local youth theatre; acting and stage managing. He went on to found a small theatre company his senior year. He directed all the plays and wrote one as well. He ended up deciding to pursue theatre education and will graduate next month with a BFA in that field. He plans to work for a few years to gain more experience and then pursue an MFA in directing. I believe in specialities in high school if there is a clear and solid interest. It worked well for my eldest and is working for my other two as well. We don't solely focus on that, but we do lean fairly heavily in a specific direction depending on interest. If they hadn't had strong interests, that would have been OK too!
  14. Have you looked at Blue Tent for Honors English? http://teacherweb.com/USA/BlueTent/Thompson/apt27.aspx
  15. I've never felt more like an adult than I have in the last 4 years--ever since my first born went off to university. Before that, I felt pretty young and care free.
  16. Lewy Body (as someone else mentioned) can show up in early stages with falling/losing balance. I have a close family member who has Lewy Body dementia, and falling down was one of the very first signs. It looks a little like Parkinson's. Then the memory issues started as well as very-real-to-my-family-member (but not at all real) hallucinations.
  17. If you and your daughter think she'd benefit from taking an earth science in high school--- go ahead and find a class or pick a curriculum and go for it! Check out the website of any university she may be interested in, and see what their requirements are for admissions. Or go look at requirements for high school grads in your area. Earth/environ science is perfectly acceptable as one of her sciences IMO!
  18. Hmm.. that's a good question. My mom is over at our house at least once a week, and if she had a true allergy to pets I'd probably vacuum before she came over, kennel the dog (or put outside), and hope she's been keeping up with her allergy meds! We have pets, so this is how I handle it when someone I know is coming over who has an allergy. I wouldn't make the dog live outside full time though. But (and maybe I need to look into this more! (-: ) my first instinct when I read your question was: hmmm.. I'd probably get a dog that was hypo-allergenic. Not sure what that says about me and my mom--- but..... I don't mean to make light of what you're saying. I'm truly starting to wonder if I go way out of my way to please my mom! Hadn't really considered it that closely before.
  19. I'm finding this conversation very interesting. In this case, I'd just keep the dog out of the way when Grandma comes over. I don't see it as placing what she wants over what your family wants--- I guess I see it as just being a good host?? I'm starting to think that maybe I bend over backwards way too much for my own mom! Hmmmm...
  20. I think Grandma handled it as well as she could (kids not interested or sleeping or whatever)-- she texted you and let you know that she wasn't able to get done what she needed. She's not their mom, so making them 'comply' is not going to be as easy as what you might be able to do; especially if they aren't willing and you're not around. Honestly-- I think explaining to your daughter that it's rude to ignore Grandma and her choosing to call and apologize is all you could have done in the situation. I don't think there was anything else you needed to do.
  21. If you're interested in online (live) classes, my 16 yr old has learned quite a bit this year with Thomas Hummel (Saxon: Geometry) through Well Trained Mind Academy.
  22. If your 18 year old reconsiders the idea of a cat Vs dog, and goes with cat--- have a look at the Ragdoll breed. I have a nearly 18 yr old who also would benefit from an emotional support animal, and we are seriously considering a Ragdoll at the moment.
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