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The Teachers Lounge 1-3-2017


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Welcome to the Lounge!


It's FRIDAY! Now hopefully I can get done everything that needs to get done!


What's on your schedule today? Here: devotional reading (check), breakfast, getting money to a friend, 

a business meeting, taking kids to their theater class, lesson planning hopefully, and dinner with dh's brother

and SIL. And the weekend is packed too, as per usual! Although I'm really glad I took myself off the security guard

work schedule for Saturday.  Just needed some time to get other things accomplished!


What are you up to this weekend? Here: Farmers Market, meeting friends for coffee, meeting another friend for the

Chocolate Affaire (an annual event here) on Saturday and going to same event with family on Sunday. Plus, also planning on getting some of my herbal studies in.


Anyone else diffusing essential oils this morning? Here: I'm diffusing a couple drops of a citrus blend with one drop of peppermint.


Talk to me! :bigear:

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Schedule: I went grocery shopping very early this morning (I get there when they open at 6).  I've been doing a lot of cleaning.  Friday is guinea pig cage day so that involves washing the fleece and stuff.  That's in the washing machine now.  We're almost done school.  Fridays are our light day.  Ani has an MRI appointment this afternoon.  Is it bad that I'm hoping for a birth defect that will require surgery, but will resolve all her weird issues?  I am so congested.  The cold I have gets vicious the last couple days according to my kids.


This weekend: Tomorrow we're going on a hike to knock out a couple of the little guys Scouts requirements.  Sunday I'm subbing in Adrian's Sunday School class.


Essential Oils: I should.  Maybe it would help my congestion.

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Good evening!  


What's on your schedule today?

Today was our co-op, but ds started running fever yesterday morning and has a cold. His fever broke by last night, but he's still coughing. A couple of people taught my first two classes, then I took ds to wait in the car while I went in for our high school planning meeting talking about next year's classes. I had errands to run after (courthouse and bank). I've had a couple of calls about the meeting and trying to relax the rest of the time. 


What are you up to this weekend?

We would have had ds' basketball game, but I don't think he will feel like it. I plan on doing housework and school stuff tomorrow. 

If he's better, we'll have church Sunday morning and a Superbowl party at a friend's house. 


Anyone else diffusing essential oils this morning?

I don't use essential oils, so no. I have a couple friends who do use them, and honestly, whatever they use, is not a pleasant smell. 


I personally know two women in their 40s who both died (husbands couldn't afford autoposies) shortly after starting using essential oils, and my sister had a friend get a whole body basically sunburn from using some in a bath. We were at a birthday party where the person had essential oils diffusing right next to an elderly woman who later died AT THE PARTY! I know she was elderly, but I couldn't help but wonder if the oils had anything to do with it. So, I'm a bit skeptical and nervous. 



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Hey Scrap. It's February.


We started Reading Eggspress, because I signed up for a free 4 week trial last night. Both kids are liking it so far, well, at least after I fixed the level the placement test put them at. The placement test put my 9.5yo at the beginning of 3rd grade, and my 6yo at the beginning of 4th grade. Which, for my oldest, was not a big deal... in some ways it's much too easy, but in other ways because of his ASD he has certain comprehension issues, so I left it at beginning of 3rd grade. Youngest however was completely stressed out about the 4th grade level work, so I dropped him down some, and then down some more, and he loves it now. He also did some MathSeeds, but wasn't a fan, saying it was too easy. He's not entirely wrong about that, but we'll see - the placement test for that didn't seem too far off imo.


Youngest has a TKD tournament this weekend. Other than that, no plans.


And I don't do essential oils. I did buy a candied pecans scented candle a week or so ago though, so there's that.

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mom31257, proper use of essential oils will not cause injury or death. Improper use certainly can! Too many reps from essential oil MLM companies these days seem to be making claims and giving advice they shouldn't be! And there's no excuse for it! As an apprentice herbalist, I know that as little as a half an hour to an hour of research by them would nip that advice/claims in the bud! 


People tend to forget essential oils are highly concentrated - basically the essence of the plant they come from. Used properly they are perfectly safe. The woman who got a 'sunburn' probably added too much to the bath water and/or forget to test a small portion on her skin first. As with anything different people will react differently.

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