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High school physics course with calculus?

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If you are looking for a calculus based physics course, you might as well use a university physics one, which would be appropriate for a student who has already taken calculus. There are tons of textbooks, which are pretty much similar with a few exceptions, and some nice video courses.

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Did you like it?  I have this and thought about using it.


I agree with Regentrude that it is not Calculus based.  I did a bit of research on it yesterday.  Dd chose Saxon for a variety of reasons.  She does not like the chatty nature of Apologia.  She didn't want to use 2 books to get what she wanted out of physics.  She wanted more math than BJU offered.  We liked Giancolli but I couldn't find any solutions manuals.  We also liked Young and Geller College Physics.  That one is a hefty book. We actually started the year using College Physics but it was overwhelming to her with her other courses (Calculus, US History, Econ, Art, Music, and finishing up American Lit).  She requested Saxon Physics. 


The nature of Saxon is rather "scattered" to her.  Topics pop around more than she would like.  The style is like Saxon Math.  I think this is one of those you either like or not like.  Oldest liked the Saxon style.  Youngest preferred more of a mastery approach. 


Fast forward to now.....Econ and American Lit are completed.  We finished all except the review for US History.  She is basically left with Art, Piano, Calculus and Physics.  With that in mind, she wants to go back to a mastery style and leave Saxon Physics.  I spent the weekend going over table of contents and text books coming up with a plan to finish out physics using a combo of Khan and College Physics. This wasn't easy because of the difference in approach.    I think we have a pretty good plan though.  Time will tell as we move forward though.   Dd remarked this morning that fluid dynamics is coming together now.  She sees the bigger picture now.  So, she has been pleased with the change this week. 

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The nature of Saxon is rather "scattered" to her.  Topics pop around more than she would like.  The style is like Saxon Math. 


This is my biggest issue with Saxon Physics as a physics text (it works fine for reinforcing math concepts and offering math application examples).

I cannot fathom how a coherent conceptual understanding of physics can develop when the book jumps around between topics without staying on one topic long enough to thoroughly explore. I am rather concerned that this teaches students that physics is a grab bag of equations for all those different phenomena , an attitude many of my  students bring to college physics and which is difficult to unlearn.

I consider the Conceptual Physics text by Hewitt, which has a much lower level of math, to be far more superior for delevoping actual physics understanding.

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