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Also thinking about developing an integrated science course for high schoolers

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I've also been tossing this idea around. :)  I used to teach a senior-level course like this in Ontario back in the 90's called "Science in Society".  It was a senior science for non-sciency students. :)  It was sort of a combination of the philosophy of science, the art of reasoning, and a basic introduction to some of the STEM topics that would be useful in order to be an informed member of modern society.  It was integrated in the sense that all of the 4 "main" sciences were touched upon - physics, bio, chem, and earth/space.


What does the Hive think of this idea?  Is there a need?  A niche?

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I've actually been sort of working on something like this myself, for a friend, but I was thinking it might be something other people could use as well.  It's been an interesting project.  I certainly would have used something like this myself for my accelerated middle schoolers (and given a high school credit for it).  

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