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Boorstin - Landmark History

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So I need to know if anyone has compared these books:




(Insanely expensive because, I assume, it is OOP.)


verses this:





I can get my hands on Volume I right now for less, but still expensive.  If there isn't a notable difference, kwim?


Also, if you've worked through it, Cathy Duffy mentions it for middle school through high school.  Would you really recommend it for high school with supplementation as a spine?

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I haven't seen the first book. The second book is two volumes . Sunlight uses them in cores d and e (which for us, is 3/4 grades.) I think it would be a good choice for a middle school aged kid. I doubt I would use it for high school, except to reference-but I'm not at the level yet.

I will say, the first 14 (I think) chapters were dry. They were painful for us to get through, but that was at third grade. After those chapters , we enjoyed the book

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Sonlight uses this resource so I would check out their website. Sometimes Amazon's prices are just crazy. Sonlight sells the book in your first link plus volume 2 for about $50. Looks like it is an updated version of the book in the second link. I have the old version but haven't done much with it. I think Sonlight uses/used it for elementary school but you should double check me on this.

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Okay, the first one (red with the color pictures on the front) is only one volume but it is a full color version. It was also amended to have some easier language in it, because Sonlight uses this in Core D (for 3rd-6th grade). I haven't read it to see how much easier the language is from the original--maybe someone on here has used both. This one is published by Avyx, which is owned by the same people as Sonlight (they have a few different companies--Avyx is also the publisher of the Sonlight Teacher's Guides).


This book is NOT out of print--Amazon just has some crazy re-sellers sometimes. Here it is on Sonlight for only $24.95.

Rainbow has it for $23.75.


Here is volume 2 published by Avyx (on Amazon--used--look on other sites but I think this one is also about $25.00) with the color pictures.


The second one you linked (blue and red cover with the white eagle and black and white pictures inside) is an older version and will have more complex language (originally recommended for 5th grade or older--we used this with Sonlight Cores D and E when my kids were in 4th-7th grades. It was sometimes over the younger one's head, but the older one really enjoyed it, and in fact my husband used to enjoy reading it on his own too.) This one only goes up until the 1960's (ie, "to the Moon" as the title says). It has two volumes in one book. I enjoyed it a lot, and did consider using it for high school, but in the end it just wasn't quite what I wanted. 



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We are currently using the book in your second link.  Got a great price on it used. 

ETA: I use it with the younger ds. I would say it is definitely 3rd-6th grade level in our home.  I wouldn't use it with my 9th grader: high school students benefit from more complicated language, more detail, and some deeper analysis.

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