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DDs second semester books


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only totaled $128! :hurray:


This includes ONE rental from Amazon (Comp II book... it'll be her first time trying a rental. It was only $15 vs $65.... so worth trying!). She's in Bio II, so using the same text as Bio I. The rest were ordered from amazon (some new, some used) at a lot less than the campus bookstore. The bookstore price matches, but it's a lot of work to go through, so we're not bothering with that.


For her first semester, I ordered everything brand-new from the campus bookstore because I was just afraid that the *one* thing she reallyreally needed would be the one thing to get lost in the mail if we tried online ordering. Turns out, she had access codes she never needed, so lesson learned there (and a lot of the kids say that they've never needed a single access code).


We are going to buy used in future, and IF she DOES need the access code, we'll just either order the code # or a new book. (actually, one of the used books I just ordered has the access code still attached! And it was a 5th of the price of the new textbook)


I was expecting textbooks to be in the 800-1200/yr range. Hers will be around 750 (it would only be around 400 if I'd have ordered the books used the first-time round) this year. Hopefully even less next year as she becomes more savvy with borrowing others' textbooks or buying/trading with other students. :thumbup1:


This is the ONE thing that has cost less than we expected. :thumbup:  I'm going to enjoy it. :rofl:



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Dual enrollment DD:

Two books, bought used for under 15 bucks total.

One "course packet" of copies, 12 bucks.

One "online access code", 91 bucks.


Those codes!


Her community college is very cost-conscious. This is the second course we've done where a prof deliberately specified an edition "one back" rather than the most recent.

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Nice job on the budget! 


I didn't do well budget wise at all for next semester. Urgh! It will be my dd's first DE class. The book for her class is a mongrel made specifically for this college (cut from 4 different texts) and it requires an access code included in the book, so no used available. $161 - it was almost half of the price of the class. 

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We spent about $700 last semester, but I've already made $300 of that back, reselling on Amazon. I have an access code that a professor INSISTED was needed multiple times during the first two months, but thankfully DS never unwrapped it, and he got an "A" without it. I just listed in on Amazon.


This semester is better -- $260. Two of his classes use web resources and/or free eBooks through the state program.

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