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Who's going to tackle Wednesday with me?

Jean in Newcastle

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Hope all is okay with you, Jean. I am reading doc appointments and blood draw...


  • Review final project one final time before pulling the trigger
  • Submit all reports for work
  • Go in and see clients
  • Have something nice for dinner
  • Pick out a good book :)


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Absolutely fantastic day.


Traveled to Melbourne by bus and train. Picked up by case manager and driven to see new son. Spent the whole afternoon playing lego with him.

He is fantastic. He doesn't have the huge delays that his twin brothers have and his foster homes have been fabulous families that have really done a great job.


7 days until we bring our new son home

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Melissa, I'm so happy for you and your new son!



animal chores 

do chores for DS (had part of a toenail removed yesterday & has orders to stay off his feet)


get new tires for two of our vehicles

order a few Christmas items

pay bills

finish tidying up pantry

make a big bowl of salad (didn't get this done yesterday)

DD & DS Model UN meeting

DD violin lesson

order new winter boots for DD & me


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