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The Barton people are so nice!

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I've been burned by the cable or cell phone company too many times I guess because I was totally not expecting them to be so incredibly helpful.  :)  A few weeks ago, I was checking out some videos on the Barton website and was watching one about identifying dyslexia in a writing sample. Susan said you could send her a writing sample and so I did. She got back to me the VERY NEXT day. I was super impressed. So, about two weeks ago, after A's evaluation were complete, I came back here and asked everyone to talk me into Barton because I couldn't afford the reading tutor and you did, so I ordered levels 1 and 2 and watched the videos over Thanksgiving on their website. So on Tuesday, my box of Barton arrived and this afternoon we finished Level 1. (Two hours over the course of two days.) The dang thing was $300 dollars and it was done. I was breathless. So I called them and explained the situation and they are sending me level 3 for only the price difference between the two levels and UPS is coming here to pick up the Level 1 box. And the woman I spoke to on the phone was soooo nice. Anyway, I was super impressed and I just wanted to share.



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That's neat, in which video does she talk about the writing sample? Maybe I could convince one or more of my parents of dyslexics at the school/co-op I teach at to send in a sample and get tutoring for their kiddos!



You have to register, but it doesn't cost anything. 😊

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