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Would you let your elementary kids watch Dr. Dolittle?

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The new version with Eddie Murphy is nothing like the Hugh Lofting book and I will not let me son watch it.


We watched the original version with Rex Harrison the other day and my son really enjoyed it. He also recognized Rex Harrison from My Fair Lady.


My motto with movies is "Beware the Remake"



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Aww c'mon, cut Eddie some slack. The first one is very funny and nothing objectionable in it at all (uhh, he's loving on his wife? How is that objectionable?) and the second one is pretty funny too, but not as funny as the first.


Now that said, I LOVE the original. Especially the pink snail :) But the Eddie Murphy one is not as bad as it is being made out to be.

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We enjoyed both versions. The new version is a lot of fun, IMO. The intimate scene is between Eddie Murphy and his wife, and it is quite tame - after a little fully clothed kissy face they are interrupted by the talking animals. It is nothing like the book, though, so if that's what you are looking for you want to watch the original which is great, and I remember loving it as a kid myself.

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