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Do any of the TT levels cover trigonometry?

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Do you think there is enough trig in the geometry for the types of questions on the ACT?


No.  You definitely will not cover everything on the ACT if you are just getting through geometry.  The ACT is written to test high school through pre-calc.  That said, plenty of students take the ACT without much math at all.


I think TT can be an ok curriculum if paired with some other problem solving.  An ACT math practice book would work well for someone in high school level math.  Even if they haven't seen all the concepts in their curriculum, it's nice to see some different problems in a different format. 

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How solid of a math student is your dc?  How high of a math score do you think is sufficient? 

Not very solid I am afraid.  That's why we are using TT.   I am planning on major prep for ACT because of bright futures in FL, but math is her weak subject.  

I just want to make sure we have at least covered material on ACT and then lots of review.  She won't need any higher math than Statistics in college.

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