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  1. My daughter struggled in Algebra. We tried several different curricula and settled on Teaching Textbooks. The combination of video plus audio and immediate feedback of right or wrong helped. If she got it wrong, she could have the answer explained right then. Still took us 2 years on Algebra 1 (9th and 10th). Went to TT Geometry in 11th and then Algebra 2 in 12th.
  2. I want something educational, but also interesting and engaging. Not a documentary. Has anyone seen Gettysburg?
  3. Is there any advantage to paying for a private school psychologist? Any reason a public school diagnosis would cause a problem down the road? Dd would like to get an Elementary Ed degree and will probably be staying the same county as her school records. She is 17 and has always been homeschooled. Edited: I am looking for some kind of eval that will give her some college accommodations - Maybe a separate room for tests, possibly some help with note taking. And I don't have much $$ so a thousand dollar eval is out of the question. I just don't know where to start or what to do. :(
  4. Some kind of documentation of her sensory processing issues at least.
  5. Dd will be graduating in a year and a half and though I have seen much improvement I think she may need accommodations to get through college. What is the easiest/not expensive way to get help? She had a SPD diagnosis as a small child, but we have never pursued anything since. I am not looking for in depth information because we know most of her issues after homeschooling for so many years - just whatever paperwork will get her the help she needs to get through school.
  6. Yes, we are sure she will be going to our local college. Maybe we will work on PERT review for the summer and see what kind of score she can get on entrance exam and go from there. Thanks!
  7. DD thinks she wants to major in Elementary Education and math requirements can be met with Math for Liberal Arts 1 and 2. I did the Precalculus/Calculus sequence in college so I don't really know what these classes consist of. Also she struggles with math and has finished TT Algebra 1 and is now working on TT Geometry. I'm wondering if she really needs to take Algebra 2. She is a junior this year so only 1 year of math left and I was wondering if we should find a liberal arts math for next year instead if it would be easier. She will also need to pass entrance exam to junior college. Any insights?
  8. My daughter has attended a local co-op and has had Bible for 3 years now. We need the credits and she has done the work, but would it look strange to a secular college? Is there any reason you would not use all three? She is planning on attending a junior college and then a local state college and is probably going to major in Elementary Education or something similar.
  9. She didn't know there was a way to call. Only had an address. I passed info along. Thanks.
  10. Question: Has anyone ever gotten ACT scores back with a section having NO score reported. A friend's daughter just took it in June and her score report only shows a score for Math, English, and Reading. She only has asterisks where her Science score should be and therefore she did not receive a composite score either. She did take the science section of the test. She sent a letter to ACT already, requesting an explanation, but just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if they know why?
  11. I see it's free to students but it looks like you have to have and email address with .edu. If you paid for it what is the best way to do it? We mainly want access to Word this year.
  12. Who was your instructor? We decided to take the plunge and try it for Essay 1 starting next week.
  13. I am on a FB page with many mom's doing the protocol. From what I have read so far some are having success, but others have actually seen regression. I'm glad it worked for the OP and it may work for many, but I would definitely investigate further before starting it since it doesn't seem benign.
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