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Does anyone here collect vinyl records?


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If so, how did you get started? 


Are there any good websites I should check out? 


What turntable do you own? 


Where do you buy your records?  Locally, or online? 


I am thinking of starting a classical music record collection because I can't find CDs for many of the old school artists that I like.  I think they just aren't being reissued.  There is plenty of vinyl for them, however.  My daughter's 70+ year old violin teacher is appalled that I have a cell phone, but not a record player.  :)  He says at every lesson, "I would lend you an excellent copy of XYZ performance, but you don't have a turntable.  I don't understand how you don't have a turntable!"


Is this just an expensive hobby I'm about to get myself into?  Is listening to a record a better experience than listening to a CD? 


Please advise!



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We have kept most of our vinyl. But we have found that 99% of it is on Spotify. Yes, it is compressed, but we are old and our ears can't tell the difference anymore.


Same with our CDs.


We do have a turntable. In a box. Somewhere in the garage. And tube amps and monster cable. Somewhere. Inthe garage. In a box.

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My parents gave us their "substandard" turntable at almost exactly the same time as the in-laws gave us their record collection. We kept the Beatles and the Mamas and the Papas and gave away a lot of musical soundtracks.


I'm afraid to say I collect records, but when I find interesting OOP children's records at thrift shops, I can't resist. I particularly like the folk singers of the '60s: Pete Seeger, Burl Ives, etc.


You can buy a brand-new turntable on Amazon for <$100.

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Yes! And so does my teenage dd.  Although we are moving into a smaller home soon and are having to downsize our collections. 


We each have a stereo with turntable that we bought from Kmart. It is a vintage looking item that plays records, cassettes, CDs and has a radio and a hookup for MP3. 


We get most of our records at a local flea market. Also, local thrift store often carry them. 

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Most of ours have come from a local(ish) record store.  Some from the shelves, and some that dh has requested the store to track down.  I know he's gotten a few online, but we try to support local when $$$ allows.


Some of our stuff is "vintage", some is reissued, and some is current, now that it's a "thing".


My sister got most of our family's old stash.  :glare:

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