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Favorite online games and apps for those 'dog days of summer'?

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This summer seems to be all about Prodigy. My DS7 is all about that game this summer.


In previous years, he's loved: Stack the States/Countries, DragonBox (algebra and geometry), Presidents vs. Aliens (a nice one for this election year), ChessKid, and ReflexMath (for multiplication and division fact fluency).


Desperately trying to find a good middle/high school level science game/app. Anybody out there know of one? Or a history game/app. 


Dish on your family faves!

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Check this out. Kerbal Space Program game. Real space science is learned by building and testing rockets and more. Fun animated characters make it appealing. It's $40 and for our science-obsessed son it's the best educational game we've come across.


This is on sale for $24 at Steam during their Summer Sale through July 4. It's certainly interesting and has potential for learning.

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Has he tried the simulations at pHet? https://phet.colorado.edu/en/simulations/category/new


Most are pure simulations, with a few set up as games. My son has enjoyed a ton of the chemistry ones, and a bunch of the physics ones as well. If I remember right, radiocarbon dating is set up as a game. They've got a huge array of them, mostly high-school level science but ranging elementary to university level, across all basic scientific fields plus math.

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I know you specified science and history, but we are enjoying language based apps and games at the moment, so I thought I'd mention it here.


Words with Friends (just like Scrabble and it's against either known friends or others online)


Word Streak with Friends (just like Boggle)




We also like Brain Wars which is a combination of logic-type puzzles against others online.


With all of these you can specify to play with known friends or just start with a random person online. And they are all free.



I'm on there as Chocolate Chip Chooky if anyone wants to play :001_smile:

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