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Alphabet Test Prep

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Morning all! I'm sure there are recent threads about this topic; but, I'm at work and find it beyond tedious to search on my phone. With the recent changes to the PSAT and SAT what are your favorite resources for test prep. Also, what are the best/your favorite resources for the ACT & SAT II tests.


Second, what is the best way for my soon-to-be 9th grader to prepare for these tests?



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I think the jury is still out on best tesp prep for the new PSAT and SAT formats! PSAT data will be a long time coming since it's only offered once a year. We'll get good info on SAT prep materials maybe late fall or next winter after enough kids have taken the exam.


For the ACT nothing beats the official red book (red cover, duh!) from the ACT folks.


SAT subject tests have similar official books from the College Board. We've also used the Barron's and Princeton Review books for specific tests.


You've got a nice long time until your ds needs anything official :) The best way to prepare for anything is to read a lot, do well in math (and in specific subjects if you're considering SAT subject tests), and take targeted test prep practice exams as you get closer to the time of testing. Taking the PSAT in ninth and tenth grade before it counts can be a good thing, too.

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Luckymama, thank you for the resource suggestions! And the reminder about reading and math. I'm not too worried about the verbal/writing portions of the tests; however, my boy is not a STEM man. Dh and I are working hard on math with him.


Yes, he does have a long time before "it matters". He tends to psych himself out, though, especially in math. <sigh> He has the ability to do well on these tests; I want to ensure (as best I can) that he's comfortable with the tests' formats.


Thanks again! Your info is very helpful.

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Has he taken a long test before? As in as long as the ACT or SAT? If not, he can give the practice SAT on Khan Academy a try just for the endurance aspect of test taking.


My oldest was quite exhausted when he reached the last section of ACT. Luckily the science score isn't as critical though it pulls down the composite. He used free past year ACT prep bulletins we dowbloaded from ACT. We were bored with the SAT Question of the Day app.


Depending on how used your child is to a calculator, dry run with a timer is important. We dry run with this free sample from ACT



Your thread title is cute :)


No idea about the new SAT. My oldest is being the guinea pig to help my youngest.

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