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The Atlantic: Top-tier math education outside school

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Thought you guys might be interested in this article about accelerated math education in The Atlantic Monthly.


The piece does not mention homeschooling directly, but does state [emphasis mine], "The students are being produced by a new pedagogical ecosystem—almost entirely extracurricular—that has developed online and in the country’s rich coastal cities and tech meccas. In these places, accelerated students are learning more and learning faster than they were 10 years ago—tackling more-complex material than many people in the advanced-math community had thought possible."



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Thanks for sharing it.


ETA And it says this! :hurray:



This fall, the Art of Problem Solving’s founder, Richard Rusczyk, a former Math Olympian who left his job in finance 18 years ago, will open two brick-and-mortar centers in the Raleigh, North Carolina, and Rockville, Maryland, areas, with a focus on advanced math. An online program for elementary-school students will follow.


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I swear I searched, LOL! Thanks for the links. Can't wait to read.



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:hurray:  :hurray:


Why the applause? I clicked the link, mildly interested, and the very first person named was David Stoner. David is a friend of our family's. He went to the local high school here, but his mom Karen teaches at the private school my boys attend. As a HS Senior last year, David coached DS12's MathCounts team (DS was then 11) with his mom. This year, Karen coached in the fall, but David came in as soon as he was on winter break and was able to coach up until 2 weeks before the competition. He is one of the nicest nerds you will ever meet!!


DS12 came in second in the written and first in the oral of the regional MathCounts competition last week. David is now guiding him via email as he moves on to state.


And yes, Karen says David would read college level math books for fun after school.

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