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Friendly Chemistry

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I think a few of you ladies here mentioned something about either looking at or even using Friendly Chemisty.  I looked for threads about the program, but didn't find much.  So I thought I might ask about it.  I even started one earlier...but had very little response...so I wanted to be a bit more direct in why I was asking.

I really like how "friendly" the program looks...and I have had email conversations with the man who wrote it.  
But for some reason, I can't seem to get over the fact that unlike the other Chemistry programs out there, this one uses everyday things for labs...not the chemicals, burners, glass containers, goggles, etc you would find in a regular Chem lab.
For sure, I like the idea of everyday items since they are easy to get.  But what I am uncertain about is will my 15/16 year old take it seriously if it looks like an elementary school chem lab instead of a High School?  Of course, I am jumping to the conclusion that my daughter even knows what a HS chem lab is supposed to look like.  She has seen her younger bother's chemistry labs from 6th grade and knows what those look like....and these don't seem to look much different.  The concepts taught should be more advanced...or at least I am being told that.   
Also, in her biology class, she is using "grown up" supplies...microscope, disecting tools etc.  So will she think this is a step down?
The 2 main reasons I am looking at this program are: 1) it comes with instructional DVD's and videos and 2) since my daughter isn't super mathy or sciencey, this seems to not be super rigorous, but seems to do the job. 
So if anybody has any insight into this program I need to know before I spend the money for all of the supplies. 
thank you very much.
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You could show your dd the Friendly Chemistry labs and the Home Training Tools Classic Chemistry Kit and see which she prefers:




The kit I linked is the one that Landry uses in its high school class and it's certainly not too simple or young for high school. It's also not outrageously expensive for 20 complete labs with the chemicals and glassware you need to do them. A lot of them are classics you'll be able to google and watch online as well as do at home.


It's more important that the lab report be high school level than that the lab use specific equipment, IMHO. There's an interesting webinar on keeping a science journal linked on this page, just scroll down:





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I would have a hard time calling Friendly Chem a lab science.  It has some good materials for visualizing electron distribution using a hands-on distribution activity and visualizing the way you do a chemistry equation using different sized cards.  It has some good activities for remembering the noble gasses using a skit and there is an experiment involving burnt marshmallows.  But I just don't see that as a lab science.  You could present it to your dd as a science course without lab, or lab could be added through another program (we used some of Rainbow Science chem labs and planned to use Experiences in Chemistry to completed a full lab credit, but my dd didn't finish that credit).


Just one opinion.


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Here's a thread where I described our approach to beef it up to what I consider a high school course (YMMV): http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/580317-non-traditional-chemistry-reccs-for-high-schooler/?hl=%2Bnon%26amp%3B%238208traditional&do=findComment&comment=6740879


Mine also did the Landry Chemistry several years ago with her brother, and we've redone some of those labs.


She's truly loved the mix of materials and likes the book a lot. 

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I think she would be old enough to understand that this is written to be used at home with affordable equipment. Many homeschoolers can't invest in expensive equipment. Some don't want dangerous chemicals in their homes. 


I used Apologia Chemistry with my dd, and those labs used simple equipment in the kitchen.  Dd just took Chemistry at college and made an A in the course. 





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