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Science behind oil pulling??


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Oil Pulling Your Leg





Oil pulling is a suggestive misnomer, implying that something bad is being pulled from the mouth (toxins and bacteria). What little scientific evidence exists shows that it is probably not as effective as standard mouth wash, and what benefit it has is likely entirely due to the mechanical act of swishing to remove particles and bacteria from teeth and gums.

There is no reason either theoretically or based upon any evidence to recommend oil pulling (which should be renamed “oil-swishingâ€) instead of standard modern health care with flossing, tooth-brushing, and mouth rinse. However, it does appear to be better than nothing, and might have a role in developing countries without access to modern oral care. The one caveat is that extended periods of swishing that are commonly recommended (10-20 minutes) are likely not necessary and further present a risk of lipoid pneumonia from accidentally breathing in small amounts of oil.

Oil pulling for general health or any other indication is pure pseudoscience. Detox claims are based on nothing, as are all detox claims. There is no evidence or plausible rationale to recommend oil pulling for any indication other than as a poor substitute for oral care."

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Very little.  There have been a few small studies that have found a correlation with improved oral health, but the benefits are minor and it is possible that the same results could be achieved by swishing anything. 



And yeah, when you hear the word "detox", expect to catch a whiff of bovine fecal matter soon.

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I'm skeptical of the science WRT the detoxing etc., but I will say that while I was doing it (for a few weeks before I got out of the habit), my teeth never felt cleaner and were much brighter. It's possible that doing the same action with water might do the same thing? I don't know, I didn't do a controlled experiment or anything. I was just really surprised to find that I could see and feel a noticeable difference. 

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