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Telemarketing can pay off! Thanks PA!


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I detest telemarketers, so as soon as our state developed a No Call list we were on it.


Anyone on it knows one can still get calls (but not nearly as many).  Normally we simply say we're on the No Call list and the caller hangs up.


A year or two ago, I answered one from a really relentless nasty caller from Direct Buy.  They tried to tell me about a sale they were having a couple of counties over.  I asked them why they were calling me since we were on the No Call list, and the caller repeated that I would be very interested in this great sale.  Again I asked why I would be interested since we live two counties away and the fact that we were on the No Call list should have clued them in that I wouldn't be interested.  Then I asked for their name.  They swore at me and hung up.


That made me mad... (language/hang up)... so I got online with our state and filled out a form detailing what had happened.  It made me feel better, but as with anything else, I forgot about it.


Until today... when I opened up my mail... and discovered a real $100 check from the State of PA as my portion of the settlement the Commonwealth of PA made with them due to my (and other consumers) complaints.


I ought to report more of these...   that's more $$ than I made working at school today!


Thanks PA!   :thumbup1:


And heads up to anyone else who detests these calls and is on a list where the state enforces the law!



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Boy, am I regretting all the times I've hung up on telemarketers without doing anything about it!


We usually just remind them and then they hang up.  It was only the swearing after the repetitive sales pitch that made me react differently this time.


But now I'll admit I'm thinking of reporting more of them.  One would think having to pay out settlements will do more toward stopping the calls than just hanging up.


I never realized those of us reporting them would get any sort of settlement, and if so, certainly not $100 for just one report.


Perhaps some of it came because of how nasty this caller was?

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