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should we get a kids kindle fire for ds...


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ds is 14 and intellectually disabled. dh thinks we should get his a tablet. 


I'm not sure what tablet is best. I saw the kids kindle reviewed and it sounded good. dh is concerned about being locked into an amazon only product. 


I'm hoping for :

1. good warranty. ds doesn't break stuff usually. I'm imagining the tablet being in his hands at just the right moment ...

2. ability to play downloaded movies. 

3. ability to play downloaded music.

4. audio books

5. apps he would like

6. digital books

7. color 


I want it to be easy to manage. I would like ds to be able to bring it with him when he comes to work with him. Right now he brings a portable dvd player and plays dvds. It might be nice to have more options. 


I liked that the kids kindle has a 2 year no questions warranty. It also has parental controls, which can be removed to make it act like a regular kindle. 


Do you have this product? what pluses and minuses have you noticed. 



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Our kids have Fire HD 7 tablets and can do all of those things, particularly if you have Amazon Prime. The one thing I am not super sure about is whether the movies and music can be downloaded to the device, or if you need wifi to watch/listen to things in your library. If you have a fire TV stick, you can also swipe things on the little screen up to the big screen.


Kindle can download Android apps. There are some tricks to doing so easily--this blog has great information: http://www.lovemyfire.com/kindle-fire-blog.html


Also, if you get digital books with whispersync feature, you can download the audio companions and listen/read simultaneously. Libraries often have books you can check out if you don't want to buy both the audio and digital versions.

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I need to be sure the device won't have to rely on streaming--one of the facilities where I work has no wifi. 


Okay, so my son tried it...he can download a movie from Prime to his Kindle HD 7. We've put music on there from our computer too. I think to do that, you might have to put it on the cloud from the computer and then download. But if you do it where you have wifi, you just need to double-check that it's on the device before you go somewhere. You can easily turn the wifi off on the tablet to check this.

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If you have Prime, I'd definitely get a Kindle. There is a lot of TV and music available to stream. The newest Kindles (including the $35 special) have a memory expansion slot that allows you to save downloaded shows to watch offline. If you go this route, buy the cheaper SanDisk branded version rather than the SanDisk for Kindle version. They're the same thing painted different colors.


Geezle has had a kindle for the last 18 months and he's only killed one by dropping it and cracking the screen. Since he only gets hand-me-downs or so-cheap-it's-not-worth-a-warranty models, I didn't sweat it. He's where electronics go to die in our house and he's almost always got a back-up available.


I think the $35 kindle will work for you, particularly if you have Prime and can download movies for free to the expandable memory. At that price point, you can give it a shot and see if he likes it without it being a big purchase.

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