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Pleasant Hill, CA

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Just met someone who has a 27yrs old son who has autism or global developmental delays with a mental age of 10yrs old.

She said things were great until he turned 21yrs old in terms of socializing and meeting other parents with special needs kids and the governmental agencies etc lost interest in him unless she decides to institutionalize them. 


Now they are isolated. They get dirty looks for his behaviors and him going into Toys R Us buying Pokemon toys even though he is gentle. Or going to the park, people look and stare at him and give him dirty looks. Kids are a bit unnerved by him because he is big but acts young.  


He had a stroke at 15yrs old and most agencies didn't want him around. Some kind of liability thing. 

His father died in a car accident few years back and he regressed some too. 


She really doesn;t know what to do anymore and they are more and more isolated everyday. 

Does anyone live in that area and knows any parents with adult special needs kids who are not institutionalized? 

If so PM me and perhaps you can network. 


My kids are too young and we live too far for me to visit regularly. She is trying to find something but most special needs adults are living in care institutions. 

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Yes I suggested her contacting a local homeschool group just not sure how they would feel a grown man hanging out with their children. How would most people feel about a young man hanging out in their local homeschool group? Would you get wierded? I am not sure she is per se homeschooling him but they go to the movie theaters a lot. I am not sure if she has given up or has reached his max in her mind or the schools mind. I don't know. She is 50 something yrs old widowed and alone and not many family members alive in her family. I would think she would be pretty lonely and overwhlemed. 

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I agree she is probably pretty darn lonely and overwhelmed.  I wasn't thinking that he would want to hang out with current homeschoolers and their little kids.  I was thinking more that current homeschoolers might know older homeschooling families that were in similar situations, maybe who still have younger kids in co-ops or something but have an older person in a similar situation.  Does that make sense?

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I don't live there, but you could suggest she looks at

Special Olympicshttp://www.sonc.org/


and also


ARC in her area http://www.contracostaarc.org/index.html


Edited to add this:  http://www.dvc.edu/studentservices/dss/workabilityIII/index.html

I believe this college is in her area-- she could check into this program to see if it might be a good fit for her son

also this http://www.ndfya.com/new-directions-for-young-adults-california-location.html

and this http://mdae-mdusd-ca.schoolloop.com/awd

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He would never be able to do special olympics. He is too fragile for that. 


She is just looking for other parents with special needs adults to go and watch movies, dinners, lunches. I am not sure if he knows how to play board games but if he is mentally 10yrs I think he could handle some board games. I do know he likes to watch Pokemon. 


Anyone knows of an adult who watches Pokemon everyday other than my 20yrs old son. I am trying to convince him to drive up there to go see him. He is hesitant. I even called my ex to see if he would go and take my son and they both can go hang out with them. 



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