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Mid-neuropsych semi-update

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Kid1: no surprises here---gifted, ADD-I, sensory issues.


Kid2: complex kid who has lots more testing to go as we try to tease apart issues

Definitely dysgraphic...the psych's exact words were, "His handwriting completely sucks."

Not dyslexic. Kinda surprised on that one because I thought stealth dyslexia was a possibility.

Dyspraxic. Visual, spatial, motor, vision, sensory and other stuff to sort out.

Some mutterings about right hemispheric damage.... :(

OT and PT needed.

Advanced vocabulary. Good at hard puzzles. Clearly at least bright.


The guru has been worth waiting and saving for. We are paying through the nose for him and driving an inconvenient distance, but it is certainly better than what our local community offers.


I thought about 20 min in that he was anti-mom and anti-homeschool, but after discussion and a bit of testing he totally understands my lack of confidence in our public schools to handle kid2.


We have at least 3 2-hr testing sessions left to go plus OT and PT evals...


I still don't know how best to teach this kid and I hope more will become clear as we press on.

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Another crash and burn of the infamous "stealth dyslexia"...  Anyways, that's fabulous you're getting such good evals!  I'm elated for you!  Yes, that fog of "now what in the world do I DO with these results" is your next step.  The psych may or may not be helpful with that.  It's more like you had to pay $3K a kid to have someone give you permission to do radical things, kwim?  You're going to have permission, have paper trails, and so the more that frees you to do things you had thought about doing, but not felt confident to do, the better.  


Yes, PT and OT can be very good.  So you'll get OT for your sensory kid as well?  That will take a while to find.  They seem to vary wildly.  Someone was telling me about hers and how problem-solving oriented they were on the sensory stuff.  Ours was more vague, like do a bajillion sessions and eventually something will happen.  Much rather have the do 12 sessions, really accomplish something, know you accomplished it.  Sigh.  So I guess that's something to do in your 4 week wait, looking for OT options...  Here's the SIPT list to get you a start. http://www.wpspublish.com/store/Training/TherapistIndex  The person doesn't HAVE to be SIPT, but it will get you some leads.  Interactive Metronome and Neurofeedback can also help that ADHD-I, so if you find an OT who happens to do them, all the better.  My goal with my dd is to get her some more OT for her sensory, then see if we can get some Cogmed.  


So you're hitting the dev. optom. with dc2 or you've already done that?  COVD.org is where you find them.  Might as well get the other dc checked while you're at it.  For that dc just the normal annual exam and ask them to *screen* to see if anything is going on.  For dc2, sounds like the works.  The OT will check too, but they're sort of different ends of the same stick.  The optom. might say you need OT for any vision work even to stick.  Just depends on what's going on.


Well I'm glad you're making progress!  It must feel good to have someone finally acknowledging what you've been seeing and saying!

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Our guru does cogmed.


We did VT with a FCOVD; we only saw a partial improvement in convergence insufficiency. We should probably do another round but we have no insurance coverage for it and have been prioritizing health care needs as it is. Where we left things, FCOVD said he would make no progress until we dealt with primitive reflexes/OT. I ageee with the idea he needs PT help but I think she was a bit out of depth with ds. Part of our reason for testing is to prioritize and target funds rather than just keep trying semi-random ideas.


Now to research dragonspeak naturally and other stuff....

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  Part of our reason for testing is to prioritize and target funds rather than just keep trying semi-random ideas.



Oh, I definitely hear you on this one. There are so many different programs and therapies out there and only so much time and money. Here's hoping that you get some good guidance from your NP and that we get some in June from the Kennedy Krieger NP.

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