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WTM Forum Spam


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Is anyone else getting spam here where the PHP advertisements used to be?  I've been getting this for several days, and when I clicked on the banner/link my internet security warned me to not open it.  This is the only site we visit that this is happening with.   I'm not sure what's going on.

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No, I get a blank space where the PHP logo and stuff usually is, though.



I'm seeing a blank space at the top, but the bottom MPs lecture is still there.


I have a  Warcraft at the bottom (no MP thing) and Big Farm (choose your character it says) ad at the top. They change every visit and page from auto insurance to Build a Bear.  I feel sick thinking that our computer has a virus, but again this is only happening on this site.  We thought we had really good virus protection with Kaspersky.  


:confused1:  :crying:

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when I am logged in, the ads are not there.


when I am not logged in, it is the "rotating" "pick an ad" kind of thing. '


I'm not on a mobile device. I can see they are ads with the ad choices on the right in little boxes.  The ones that are telling you that you have private messages are not anything with the forum.   I can hover over and see where the url is going..


This seems to have started on my side of the screen somewhere around Friday of last week.  I don't like those kinds of ads.   Another forum I visit is like that.    often the ads will reflect where you have been visiting other sites, or keywords. 


I do not think you have something on your machine, because when you clicked on the ad banner, you were warned not to go there.    


You might consider asking in the Site News and Discussion section of the forum and maybe OtherJohn will have some news to share on it?



edit to update... otherjohn was logged in while i was typing

ah... now when logged in, I get peace hill press ads,

and when logged out...  random internet ads.. ugh



edit again in afternoon:   Thank you OtherJohn !  seems normal now  thank you!!!!!!!!


Thank you for your reply!  Unfortunately, I'm still getting the ads whether I'm logged in or out.  I ran our virus scan last night and a few things were found and taken care of, and I was hoping to come here to find the PHP ads returned.   This is frustrating.  

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Hi all, 

It is not spam. We [were] testing a new ad server on the site.  If you are logged in as a member you should only see PHP ads, other wise you may see regular ads.  If you are still seeing non PHP ads today, please respond here so I can try to track it down. They should be turned off.



Lavender Girl, I would run a spam check on your computer (I recommend "Spybot Search & Destroy") just in case. Sometimes spambots can get installed on your computer and they "hijack" ads off other sites and inject their own. It's a cheating way that they make money. Usually they live in the "search bar" add-ons to your browser.

Thank you for your help!  I'm still seeing the ads.  I did run our antivirus scan last night but that didn't help.  I'll try the spam check.  Thanks again.

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I'm logged in and getting ads for American Music Supply.  Is this legit? 


Oh, wait, the ads are rotating...


So I'm not the only one!  Please let me know how you resolve it, will you?  I tried the free Spybot software download that OtherJohn recommended and that didn't seem to do the trick.  Bummer.

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