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Calvert R&S Math????

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I'm reading The Well Trained Mind book again because my oldest is now entering 5th grade:001_huh:


I was going to use R&S 4 with him but I noticed that the WTM doesn't recommend it. I also have Calvert math grades 4 & 5 and am wondering if I should go that route instead.


Does anyone have any idea why R&S isn't in the upper grades? Just trying to put the final touches on our school year.


He doesn't like Singapore, we could go with MUS but I don't have anything after Delta.


My choices are:


  • R&S 4 (I also have 5) WTM does not recommend in upper grades
  • Calvert 4 (I also have 5) that WTM recommends
  • MUS Delta for this year
  • Singapore he doesn't like

I don't want to purchase anymore math programs so thus the list above;)


I really trust what SWB suggest, so I'm rethinking our math. Help:w00t:


Thanks for any input.

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for several months and switched back to R&S math 4 for my older ds. R&S math has a much better TM, includes oral/mental math, speed drills and more continuous review in each lesson, which my dc needed, than Calvert.


My oldest used R&S math 3-6, 8. I switched my younger ds to Christian Light Math 5 this past year from R&S math and will stick with CLE math.

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Well, after all the buying and deciding and changing my mind and selling, we ended up going with Calvert math. My son wanted the interactive stuff that comes with the new math, so we paid the ridiculous price and bought it from Calvert just to get that specific thing. I have to say, I am pleased. I am finding Calvert to be just where my son needed to be and it is also teaching me how to teach him. The lesson manual helps me so much and he is really enjoying his math now. :) I stressed BIG TIME over math choices *as you well know, probably* and in the end, went with my first gut instinct.


If I were you, I'd give Calvert a try. If he or you hate it, then you have other options there. I was leery of Calvert too at first because of all the bad reviews but I have really been pleasantly surprised. :)

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Rod and Staff Publishers is a Mennonite company. Most Mennonite schools only go to 8th grade.


R&S is working on an algebra text; no word on when it will be published.


There are *scores* of hsers who happily use R&S for math, even though SWB doesn't recommend it. :-)

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Actually Calvert math does go up to Algebra. Their 7th and 8th grade math is PreAlgebra. They have divided it up into two grades. They offer an Alegbra option for either graders for those who are ready for it.


In my opinion go with Rod and Staff. I have taught Calvert math for 1st, 2nd 3, 4th, and 5th grade and its not a very good math program in my opinion. The teacher's manual is pretty much useless. By 5th grade all it really is is a copy of the 5th grade text. Not helpful at all. I have tried on and off to use the manual and its been no help to me at all. I haven't used Rod and Staff math , I've used some of their other subjects but I am Way more impressed with R&S math then I am with Calvert.

Rod and staff has more practice with math concepts period. It explains concepts better.

Calvert works for some families but the vast majority will agree with me that its not a good math program at all. To me its more like the new math that is out.

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