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Oh PLEASE respond with ideas for foods that I can take to the 4-H fair!!

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There's electricity, so I can use a crockpot.

But what are some good, preferably less-messy foods that will feed a crowd? And some reasonably healthy snack ideas?

I"m thinking of making homemeade granola bars, but I'm looking for another recipe so I can make two kinds. Does anyone have a kid-friendly granola bar recipe?


WHAT should I make? Ideas? I'm too exhausted to think!


Thanks ladies!


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Cause I'm in the same boat next week -- our county fair. I'm waiting for the show book for our Black & White Dairy Show to print while I'm reading here @ WTM.


We'll grab snacks from Aldi: string cheese, crackers, nacho chips (dc's fav), and probably some yogurt (not from Aldi) and other things.


This is the one week a year that I buy Lunchables.


We'll bring our own water, soda, Arizona iced tea (ds's fav), juice boxes.


I have two crockpot meals so far for the week:


Meatballs (frozen 5 lb bag from BJ's for under $12) & sauce to make meatball sandwiches. Could be messy, but shouldn't be too bad.


Lasagna in the crockpot. A local friend suggested this, following the "no pre-cooking the noodles" recipe on the side of the lasagna box, but cooking in the crockpot instead. HER friend does this every year for camping and I need to get the details from her later this week. I think I'm going with elbows or something though, so it'll be easier to serve and eat.




Looking forward to reading the other replies (but not looking forward to our fair week as it's supposed to RAIN. YUCK!!!)

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For the crock-pot:


BBQs/Sloppy Joes

BBQ shredded beef or pork

Shredded chicken or turkey meat with cream of mushroom soup and a little chicken boullion for sandwiches.


As for snacks....


Fruit salsa with tortilla strips is one of my kids' faves.

Chop apples, strawberries and kiwi with a bit of sugar to make the salsa. Cut tortillas into pie shaped pieces, sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon, bake until lightly crispy and use them to scoop up the salsa.


Trail mix-Wa-Mart has some nice pre-mixed kinds for $5 a bag. Not sure how big the bag is-at least 2 pounds I'd say.


Chex Mix


PB and J on hand

Cheese sticks


Fruit and Veges.

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