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Like BFIAR - Awesome book


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I bought Before Five in a Row a while back and tried it. It just didn't work for my style. It was a little vague for me.

I found this book at the library and just wanted to encourage anyone that if you think you like the style of BFIAR but can't afford it or didn't quite like it

this book is even better in my opinion.


Picture Book Activities by Trish Kuffner


http://www.amazon.co...=kuffner, trish


The lady quotes scripture in the acknowledgments page but the book does not have Bible references or christian books so it would be secular friendly.

They have a large list of books just like BFIAR but it's laid out better and has recipes, arts, crafts, songs, etc for each book.


Here are few of the titles:


Caps for Sale

Frog and Toad

George and Martha

If You give a Mouse a Cookie


The Story of Ping


There are probably 50 books


They give a 3 day schedule and 5 day schedule for "day , morning and afternoon"


I think it would be quite the nice book to have for a 4 yr old or a gentle approach for a Kindergarten.


LOVE the book!

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Looks nice. A lot of the stories are in The 20th Century Story Book Treasury, so with that book you'd have a lot of your basis covered :)


I did like BFIAR but I think this could be a good option for parents who did BFIAR with a 2 or 3 year old and not ready to move on to FIAR. Some of the titles are FIAR books, like Madeline and The Rag Coat, are in this book, which could be cool to use some of the ideas again later.

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I actually just bought one of those off e bay. I want to actually use it for starting in the fall and I don't think checking it out from the library would be sufficient.

I also bought the book the other poster mentioned, the 20th Century book of Treasury. Super cheap on e bay.

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Thanks for the recommendation! This looks like it'd be great for my 3.5yo. I always tell myself I should just google ideas for him, but with everything else I have to do, it just doesn't happen. Having all the ideas already planned out for me, sure would make it a lot more likely to get done!

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Thank you for this! I also find BFIAR lacking, I end up googling and spending heaps of time for each book in planning. This book looks great, I was able to find a copy on abebooks for $10 including shipping to Australia. Looks great, I'm excited to get it!

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I'm going to give this book a look. I have been looking for something like BFIAR and Peak with Books, but I've done both of those and I wanted to try something different with my girls. Thanks for the suggestion.



I agree. Thanks!

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Because a lot of people have been looking at this post I thought I'd help some people out to get a picture of how she uses the books :


Caps For Sale


"As You Read" section has the child do or say certain sections while the parent reads like the child says "caps for sale" when it's time , etc


"Let's talk about it" section has questions such as ...what is the peddler's job, why does he sit down to rest , etc.


"Act it Out" section physically act out the story children taking turns if there are more than one


"Arts and Crafts" Draw or trace a picture of the peddler walking down the road, cut 17 cap shapes from paper and have the child color them as follows: 1 checked cap, 4 gray caps, 4 brown caps etc. Then you can challenge your child to glue the caps onto the picture made prior so they appear on the peddler's head in the proper order.


"Fun and Games" Pin the Cap on the Monkey. Draw a monkey on a large sheet of poster board, cut one cap for each player from construction paper fasten tape to back...pin


"Let's Pretend" Set up a hat store..use real or paper cut hats assign money value, provide play purse/wallet and cash box. Take turns asking for 2 red hats etc.


"Play and Learn" Caps to count and sort. Self explanatory. Make the caps from paper.


"Snack Time" No-Bake Banana Cookies ...because monkeys like bananas


"Enrichment activities" Read a simple non-fiction book or watch a educational show about monkeys, visit a zoo, follow the leader-pretend to be a monkey, listen to an audio tape of Caps For Sale and more.


So you get the idea. Each book has very specific and age appropriate fun and interesting things to do. It's laid out well with 1. 2. 3. 4. type of style. It's just more visually appealing to me than BFIAR. The ideas are great.

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