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Allergies or cold?


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How on earth do I determine if this is allergies or a bad cold?


I'm coughing, hacking; sneezing a little

I sleep all night and as much of the day as I can, still exhausted

Zyrtec does nothing, neither does my go-to cold medicine

My nose won't stop running, either out the nose or down the throat

Throat is sore, prob from post nasal drip

No fever

Eyes hurt


So which is it? I can't get to a doctor and I'm going NUTS!



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Idk, sounds like allergies to me! Stay inside w the doors shut lol. Actually I haven't been outside in weeks due to knee surgery and I've been coughing non stop for weeks. I feel like I'm drowning in snot lol. Neti is a good idea, maybe try other meds? Usually being tired means infection, but bad enough allergies can do that too. You didn't get a new cat, did you!

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sounds more like a cold. the only reason my mother coughed was due to asthma and lung damage from chemical exposure in her job. I never cough with allergies. I would add in a decongestant. (I used to love Sudafed - but then they changed the ingredient and the new one doesn't work very well for me.)

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Clear snot. Does't feel like infection, I'm too familiar with them, unfortunately.


I actually think it might be both. Pollen is raging here, as is a nasty cold. Everyone's got one or the other. Or both.


Thanks guys.


Off to whimper....

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