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Toddler toenail falling off

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My toddler dropped a heavy plate on his toe a few weeks ago. He didn't break the toe and his doctor said the nail would probably fall off sometime, but didn't say what to do if it did. It's hanging on by a corner right now.


The thing is, we're on vacation with a big day of walking planned tomorrow! What can I do to keep him comfortable? We can do carrying and strollering, but he's an active little guy and he's not going to be happy doing that all day. Also, do I wait for the nail to come off on its own, cut it off, give it a good yank? Do I use a bandaid or ointment? Socks? Shoes?



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When this has happened we clip the remaining piece of nail smaller, as the previous poster suggested. It might be more comfortable for him to wear open shoes that don't put pressure on the nail. And I'd also put on a bandaid for extra protection.

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