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Food Challenge!


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Calling all wonderful, talented ppl in the kitchen! (yes, I'm sucking up.)


I'm looking for recipes that are GF, low fat, and economical.


How's that for a challenge?


Normally, it's just GF.


However, having my gallbladder go 'buh bye' last wk has def had an impact. I discovered this by eating breakfast sausage (gf) recently. Totally didn't think about it until after. Yes, I'd had someone warn me, but...brain no worky all the time, apparently.


So, if anyone has some recipes to share, I'd appreciate it!

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If I were you, I'd probably eat a ton of rice with vegetables, fruit and/or a bit of meat on top (not all at the same time).


For convenience, I buy frozen pre-mixed stir fry vegetables.


Can you roast a whole chicken?


What is cheap for you to buy?

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I had my gallbladder out 15 years ago, so I feel for you.


Here are some ideas I use:


For breakfasts:

-three egg whites with a couple of slices of Canadian bacon or turkey bacon. The canadian bacon prepared for pizza is less expensive and the package usually lasts me two weeks (using 3-4 slices per breakfast)

-quinoa with frozen berries. I had to learn how to freeze berries when they are in season. The quinoa is a bit expensive, but since I am the only one eating it it lasts about a month.

-GF pancakes. The mix is about $3 a box. I will make the whole box at one time and freeze the pancakes. This way all I have to do is reheat them, top them with a bit of dairy free butter and some fresh fruit, usually berries. This usually gives me enough for 5-6 breakfasts.

Cold cereal - I love Fruity Pebbles. I wait until it is on sale for less than $2 a box and then I usually get three or four boxes and stash it. A box will last me for about 5-6 breakfasts.

-Sweet rice - I usually use whatever rice is left over from dinner (as long as it wasn't mixed with anything or seasoned), add a touch of cinnamon, vanilla almond milk and berries or raisins.


Lunch: I usually eat left overs.


Dinner: DH is a hunter so we always have venison in the freezer. 90% of the meat we consume is venison; I find that venison doesn't bother me as much as beef does. I know that doesn't help you but I thought I would share that tidbit. We also eat chicken, usually prepared in the crock pot.


We eat a lot of brown rice, basmati rice or Jasmine rice. These can be purchased in bulk which brings the cost down. The initial purchase is expensive but it averages out over time.


We also eat a lot of frozen vegetables.


I make a lot of homemade soups. This way I can control the fat content. Potato soup is quick and easy. I use 5# yellow potatoes, one onion, 3/4 stick butter, celery seed, parsely and milk (I can't have dairy so I make mine with plain almond milk, but the family gets theirs with whatever milk is on hand, usually 2%). A pot of potato soup will make at least two meals, especially if I offer a salad and a loaf of bread along with it. I never eat the bread, unless I have treated myself with a GF loaf (which is rare).



I also make Country Bean Pot. I use Bushes beans, which are GF, and try to stock up when they are on sale for 3 for $1. The ingredient list for CBP is simple - 6 cans of beans, one pound of burger (I use venison but the leaner cuts of beef and turkey burger work just as well and don't change the taste), rice vinegar, brown sugar, dry mustard and an onion. One pot will give us two meals.




I try to plan leftovers. For me the most difficult thing about being GF is not having quick meals ready to go. Everything takes so much time to plan and prepare. I find it easier to make extra and save those for the next meal. I can't just grab a quick sandwich, GF bread is too expensive and I haven't quite mastered homemade bread making yet; especially with the expense of GF flours.

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