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3 years of science for logic stage?

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Well, 5th grade is half way over and we've done a smattering of science- reading, documentaries, some projects, and a few outsourced classes. But, we've been studying what they want to learn about. We haven't stayed in one area.


So now what? I want to get back to WTM science, or at least one field per year.


I'm thinking we stick with earth science, life science, and physical science---in that order???


Do we wait for chemistry until high school?


What would you do?

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My dd (currently in 5th grade) is finishing chemistry this year. Next year, we will use Holt Life Science. If that plan works well, my schedule is 6th- Holt Life Science, 7th- Holt earth Science and 8th grade Holt Physical Science. You can find the used books cheap on any used book website, or you can order it from Rainbow Resource.

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Yeah, I think you could do some chemistry and physical science in the same year. We never did a full year of physcial science in grammar stage. We ended up doing a year and a half of chemistry, then a semester of physical science. And most of the grammar stage physcial science books for elem. I found started w/ material and experiements and activities we had done during our chemistry studies. So there is overlap.

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I ordered Conceptual Physics today to use next year in 5th. :) Right now the plan is to do earth science (6th), then life science (7th), and then Conceptual Physics (8th). Then, he can do chemistry (9th) and biology (10th). After that who knows, because to some extent it will depend on what he is interested in pursuing in college, but I right now am thinking AP Physics (11th). This way it will be on his transcript when he begins applying to colleges in the fall of his senior year.


Yes, most colleges that we looked at wanted to see chemistry and biology taken in high school. Although, if your child has enough math under his belt and the desire, there is nothing wrong with doing basic chemistry in jr high and then doing AP Chemistry in high school or basic biology in jr high and AP Biology in high school. After all this is what we are looking at doing for physics. :)




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What sort of learner is your child? If they pick up and retain knowledge well by reading I would put life science and earth science together, one in each semester and do the bulk of it by reading and watching documentaries. Pick a project topic in each and have them complete some research and a write up. Chemistry and physics I would give a year each to and try to incorporate lots of labs. I'm a scientist. In my experience biology and the earth sciences involve lots of "learning" of material (there are exceptions, but this is middle school). Chem and physics require deeper understanding and this understanding builds on previous work. Without a solid chemistry background, lots of later biology doesn't make as much sense. Of course, the other option is to adopt the British/Australian model of integrated sciences and just up the pace.


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