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What do your dogs do all day?


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My dog gets up around 7 and goes for a walk. Then she has zoomies around the house and tries to eat everyone's breakfast off the kitchen counter while we are getting it ready. This morning she ate an egg shell. By 8am I have locked her in her crate and by 8:01 she has broken out. By now I have given up and gone to take a shower.


She will then sleep at my son's feet while he does school till around noon. Out for another walk, snack break, waiting patiently for my son to feed her part of his lunch, lots of chasing after toys (you have to play with her, she has never played well alone) and then back to napping.


We usually head out to the gym/activity around 2:30-3 and get home between 6-7. Dinner for all of us, more zoomies around the house and lots of toy throwing.


By 8-8:30 she has actually laid in one spot for longer than 10 seconds and I creep off to another room and hope she has not noticed.


My dog is exhausting.



Is your dog the one in your avatar? I just helped do a little bit of rescue work with a dog that looked like that. She was sweet as pie, even with a leg that had been broken and long since healed.



I love reading all these posts. I love dogs. My husband is tolerant enough to indulge me, but level-headed enough to draw the line before I fall into the crazy dog lady category. (He thinks.)

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My 12 year old dog sleeps, unless we are outside. Or unless the puppy is chewing on him.


The 5 month old ACD mix NEVER SLEEPS unless put down for a formal nap. He was napping twice a day and now only it's once. :glare:

His day is like this...He wakes up and gets taken out, fed and drinks a ton of water so he will have to pee 53 times before lunch. Then he chews his toys, then needs love, then annoys the cats, then needs love, then has to go out to potty and annoy the chickens, then annoys the old dog, then licks the turtle aquarium, then chews on his toys, then eats a tennis ball, then gets love. This is just the first HOUR. lol


He runs, trains, plays outside hard, at full tilt, for at least 3 to 4 HOURS every day. Rain or shine. And he still wired every.minute.of.the.day.


Be thankful, lol.


3 dc, 1 ds homeschool grad in college, 2 dds in high school

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