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  1. Wasn't Wilson already involved in plagiarism? A couple different books with co-authors? I seem to remember in one instance, he forgot to cite rather a lot of text that was basically copied from another book, was not his fault, of course. You know,just that pesky editing process... Then didn't he later blast Mark Driscoll? about his plagiarism issues? Oh, the irony. Georgia
  2. Peace Hill Press site seems to be down...

    1. melmichigan


      Yes, it is for me too.

  3. Leaving to take middle dd back to school in a few. Sophomore year begins!

  4. Well last year the Crizal was cracking on one of the lenses (but I was too stressed to go there and complain) and I do remember when I went in the technician saying something like that. Something about 1 set of replacement lenses a year? Oh how I hope so! But chewing puppy damage may be excluded, lol. Miss Puppy is well supplied this AM with Kongs, bones and other chewing apparatus. She was more or less gently chewing on a cat's tail earlier...said cat was not pleased. Teething is tough! Georgia
  5. My vent... Very bad day today but this is the worst! New puppy chewed my glasses. My fault for leaving them there. :glare: But still - brand new trifocals. It took me 3 weeks to get used to them AND they were SO expensive!!! She didn't scratch them, oh no, she gouged puppy tooth marks into the lenses. Both lenses. The frames are fine though, lol. Georgia
  6. 14 days until dd returns to college. 14 more days until my house is clear of bins, boxes and misc stuff... ;)

  7. Is it nap time yet?

  8. It's only 9:30 am and I already need a nap...

    1. RootAnn


      Amen. And its Monday. No chance of a nap today!

  9. I told my dds that was an earthquake, lol.

  10. Yeah, crazy like a...wait, it IS actually crazy, lol. Still, i wouldn't trade a minute of it and neither would they. They started on the tiniest summer league team ever (they swam in the village POND in NH) and moved to US Swim, then to a USA/YMCA team and along the way added high school swimming. My older dd has never taken more than the short team breaks between courses since 2003. Right now is the longest break she has had in years 'cause some of the Y pools have to be re-tiled or some such. Mine have met the most interesting people, learned to push themselves both physically and mentally, been places we would never have gone otherwise, and had an all around great time. Even the crazy people were interesting, lol. I really love this sport. Georgia
  11. My older dd is a rising senior so this is the last year we have to travel 1+ hour to 5:30 am practice. Woot! I pray I can survive this last year. My dh doesn't want her to drive herself yet because the drive involves going over a massive mountain at 4 in the morning. She is actually a little burned out though and swimming is no longer the priority it was. She is actually looking a college without a team (and some others without a good team, hehe), whereas this time last year it was a major factor. We will see though; she has gotten some growth and I think she will pick it up nicely after they are broken down and start build back up (I forget what they call that, lol). Her coach sort of dropped the ball last year due to personal problems, and to some extent so did she, so she is not positioned as well as she would like, but she is being courted by some good schools. I soooo wish we could afford to have her to move for this year, but it ain't happening and she does love her team. Plus her track team, high school swim team and CAP is up there, so we are there for this one last hurrah. So what will be, will be! My younger dd swims with a much less competitive team just 15 minutes from our house. They are US Swim but don't even HAVE am practice, they are so little and relaxed. So wonderful, lol. Wishing everyone the very best as they get back into the swing of things. May you survive and thrive in dryland and those early AM practices this year! :laugh: Train hard/Swim fast, (and don't breathe off the turn, LOL) Georgia
  12. I'd pre-watch these first and and/or maybe read the Amazon reviews, which detail a lot of my complaints, lol. I did not find them useful but of course, ymmv. Georgia
  13. I SO need new trifocals. Every time I see the post titled "Alternative Spirituality", I see "Alternative Spellings"...

  14. Is IEW Fables still available?? I would love it!!!

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