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Tell me I'm not the only one...


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Depends on the day and the subject. Latin and history usually get my otherwise reluctant child to do work. Math, not so much. My other child is pretty compliant in general and actually likes doing math, reading, and even WWE, but even with him, Legos will win every time. Legos will win over anything, actually -- schoolwork, playing outside, even eating. Screentime is about the only thing that beats Legos, so that's on lockdown during the week.


We have been off since before Christmas. I started again yesterday with a little reading and math; today I read SOTW and two chapters of Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief, which they've decided is fantastic. (I'm pretty impressed with it myself so far. My 10yo doesn't care for overt, silly humor, but she loves subtle stuff, nods to other works, etc., so I think she's going to love all the references to Greek myths.) They're building with cardboard right now, and I'm going to go make them do a bit of math and independent reading. Tomorrow we'll probably do some science and music, and we won't start back to a full schedule until next week, though it might be the following week for a full load. When we started back in July, I took about six weeks to get to a full schedule, and easing into it worked really, really well for all of us (myself included).

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My kids will sit and snuggle and let me read to them.... but heaven forbid I ask them to recall anything that was read because apparently the sound of my voice induces some sort of brain fog that keeps them from comprehending spoken word.



THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can NEVER do "couch-snuggle-reading" school because it Does. Not. Work.

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