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  1. Hmm, I guess I was thinking that I should add some science and that seemed like a structured no thought way to do it. Okay thanks for the clarification I'll need to think through that some more.
  2. Okay thanks so much for the replies! It takes a huge weight off my shoulders to hear that it's "enough" but that I could probably add a few things here or there if I have some extra time. I really appreciate each of you taking the time to respond! I picked up a science workbook yesterday and will order SOTW but will make sure we get the other items in first. Then perhaps when we've completed LLFTVY we'll switch it up and go with FLL.
  3. My son is 6.5 so he's almost in second grade in some subjects. I'd love some help critiquing my plans! I work from home and have little ones so I'm leaning more towards the basics. Horizons Math 1 (halfway through already), AAS 3 (halfway through already as well), Language Lessons For The Very Young, and reading daily. Is this enough? Maybe add FLL 2? Maybe AAR 3 in the winter? Should I try to get some history and/or science or is this acceptable and am I missing anything? Thanks!
  4. I would suggest trying a new curriculum. When I try to switch things up a bit it seems to reinvigorate the schooling. Maybe something more activity based?
  5. I'm thinking about switching too. I was considering buying a year ahead though to continue to make progress. My son is currently reading around a second grade level and I can't fathom going back to learning letters. But I'm looking for that fun, activity based curriculum perhaps with a few extras. Let us know how it goes if you decide to switch!
  6. They aren't gross but maybe a chose your own adventure book? They are fun to read and re-read since the story changes each time.
  7. You have lots of good suggestions here but I didn't have time to read them all. I would recommend a good diet (paleo and organic if possible) without processed foods (no chance of preservatives, gluten issues, casein issues, food dyes, etc. if it's not processed), fish oils, maybe some supplements to calm such as gaba, glycine, etc. You can google all of these for more info. Also personally my son is much calmer if we focus on protein and keep out too many carbs. Apples for breakfast means he'll be crazy, eggs for breakfast makes for a perfect day.
  8. We returned PR. We liked AAS and LLATL. Maybe look at those two? My son didn't do well with McRuffy so it didn't last long here.
  9. I have an iPad with the kindle app on it so that I could have 4G (we don't have wireless). I wanted to access the internet anywhere I went. I too love the feel of real books but being able to read in bed with the lights out, turning pages with absolute silence (tiny babe in my bed), and instant access to most books made it an easy transition.
  10. We didn't make it past the first unit (thank goodness I didn't buy the entire bundle). Perhaps I need to move my son up a grade if it gets more interesting but I didn't feel it was very comprehensive and probably would have only taken us 15 minutes to complete. Again though I didn't really give it a chance. But you can buy the individual units for a small price so perhaps try that?
  11. Thanks for all the suggestions! We did a unit study on volcanoes today just to pass the time while I make some decisions and he loved it. I found one from Amanda Bennet where you download the pdf, it tells you what to do each day, has the links of videos and pictures embedded in it and you make a lapbook in the process (ie no real prep or creativity needed). He actually was sad when school was over today. It doesn't feel realistic to do these all the time since we need spelling and math and grammar but it is fine for this week or perhaps as an occasional supplement.
  12. :lurk5: Just in case anyone recommends a color laser printer. :drool5:
  13. Yes I think you can start FLL. I did it with my 5 year old with no issues.
  14. That's funny I was just reading about KONOS but was overwhelmed by their site. I'll have to take another look. I notice you can buy boxes and bags to reduce prep work.
  15. I'm looking for an activity based curriculum for my son. Ideally it would be boxed or portions boxed so that it was laid out with a tentative schedule (I like to check the box). I really liked the idea of Heart of Dakota where the curriculum is boxed, laid out, and woven with activities but I just received it and already plan to send it back. The stories were boring my son so much he'd barely sit in his seat and usually he loves when I read to him. And because many of the stories and poems are written long ago, I think it made it harder to comprehend for both of us. But I purchased it for the activities that are woven throughout and that's what I'm looking for. I've already purchased LA1 and Animals from WP but I have no idea if they'll be any good or if I'll even receive them LOL. We did okay with LLATL Red but it got a little boring after a while. Other suggestions? Maybe LA1, Animals, buy Artistic Pursuits, and add a math? I know school isn't always fun but I just want him to not hate it! And he LOVES activities. Also I'm not at all creative and don't have lots of time so creating them on my own doesn't seem viable.
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