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Have you ever wanted your Christian walk to be more "jewish"?


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I just discovered that the co-founder of Jews for Jesus ended up converting to Eastern Orthodoxy and is Priest. Anyhow, just thought it was an interesting little tidbit. Here is his story http://ancientfaith.com/podcasts/illuminedheart/fr_james_berstein_from_co_founder_of_jews_for_jesus_to_orthodox_priest


and I believe he has some Youtube videos as well.

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Is he still involved with J4J or does he now take a different stand on such? J4J is the group that seems most offensive to Jewish friends and acquaintances that I know (there is now a counter group called Jews for Jews or Jews for Judaism or such).


I do not know. The info I found said he left the group, but I could be wrong. I do find it interesting though.

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This thread has been on my mind, and since my last post I stumbled across this series of videos describing the history of Orthodox Christian worship, and how our worship comes directly from the Old Testament Temple worship and synagogue worship. These videos are very short (2 minutes or so each), but very informative to explain our liturgical worship, and also to explain icons (which was a topic earlier) and incense, etc. etc. in the use of worship and the historical and theological significance of these. I highly recommend these to anyone who is interested in the Jewish roots of Orthodox Christian worship and/or ancient Christian worship in general. The one titled "The Divine Liturgy" explains the ties to Temple and synagogue worship.





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