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Public Bathrooms and Little Girls: Makes Me Shudder!


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Honestly, I have never had my kids hover to use the toilet, and they are almost NEVER sick. I have never avoided public restrooms, the only precaution I have ever taken is avoiding stalls with visible soil on the seat, and a firm, brisk wiping of the seat all around, including the inside edge where drips like to hang out. If there is a split at the front of the seat, I swipe the inside of that too. After that, they do what they do and wash their hands. When they became old enough to go in alone, I made sure they knew how to wipe down the seat.


It's the ones that squat and spray pee all over the seat that make the seat so "filthy" in the first place. To find pee all over a toilet seat in the ladies bathroom makes me furious.


You did mention that it is a church restroom. I know church folks have germs too, but I would worry a lot less about a church bathroom than say, a football stadium bathroom or something like that.

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I'm trying to imagine this. I have a tough time going from squatting to standing too. And then what do you do with your pants? I'd surely pee on them. LOL



Okay, I have to say, these funnels are awesome for travel and camping...if you can get past the cheesy website: Uri-Mate


I've seen similar disposable and non-disposable ones on Amazon.

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