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What creative way do you have for words your child needs to work on.


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My dd is in 1st/2nd grade and we have a few words that she needs to work on as we are working on more complex phonics blends. Do you put them in a notebook, on a poster board, word wallet? How often do you review the rules and blends? Do you keep going with the phonics lessons or stop until the new sounds are mastered? She can read everything but has trouble remembering "special" sounds and blends. TIA for any advice.

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We did several things:

-Blend dice: Get a pack of dice or wood or foam cubes. Cover the sides with sticky labels. Write a beginning blend on the faces of one die, and ending blends on a second die. Child rolls the die and writes down each real word they make. We progressed to multiple dice eventually, with beginning, middle and ending sounds and the possibility of making multi-syllable words.


-Bean bag words: Write the words she is working on large on a piece of posterboard. Toss the bean bag and read the word it lands on.


-Word bingo. You can make personalized bingo cards for free here


-DS liked these paint chip cards a lot for practicing blends, and they were free to make: paint chip phonics


We went over each of the initial blends only once or twice before he got how they worked, same with the simpler ending blends. Some of the more difficult blends required a lot of review and practice before they stuck.

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