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need your help please!!!

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The last couple years we have had our kids make Christmas gifts for each other. One year the boys made their sister a craft organizer and last year it was a coat tree. Our daughter sewed pillowcases from fabric of the boy's favorite sports team and last year she made fleece scarves for them.


This year I think our dd will made duct tape wallets for the boys, but I have NO idea what the boys can make their sister. The ages of our kids: dd 12, ds 10 and 8.


So PLEASE if you have any thoughts...in the past my husband has helped the boys becasue it was a wood project, and if we can keep that tradition, that would be great. (dad helping...not neccesarily the wood)


A little about my daughter: she LOVES crafts, books, music, audio books..so I don't know if that is helpful or not...


Please help me come up with some good ideas.



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Can they make her duct tape hairbows or headbands, and a wood frame to house them?


My son had to build a wood thing for a scout project. He put together a few basic boxes, and created an accessories wall for my daughter. The hairbow frame had pretty ribbons stapled to the back of the frame, pretty side facing out. She just clips her barettes (sp?) and hairbows onto the pretty ribbons. He made a second one for earrings, using a piece of screen and attaching it to the backside of the frame; she hooks earrings into it. His third box had two rows of hooks (for necklaces, across top and bottom) and a little wood tray glued to the two sides (for rings, lined with velvet). Unfortunately she broke that, stepping on the counter to get something out of the cabinet and knocked it down :( but it was pretty handy.


What about a small bookshelf?

Or a small shelf with 2-3 boxes to hold crafting supplies or misc.?

Stepstool for her bedroom or closet?

Tray table? My daughter loves hers because she can do some crafts on the couch and still have a hard, secure surface. Her's is a simple tray but maybe they could fancy it up with collapsible legs and a cup holder (to hold pens, scissors, or whatever crafting supply she uses often)?

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